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How to Create Business Cards - Using Microsoft Publisher or Other Resources

written by: Ange P.•edited by: Ronda Bowen•updated: 7/5/2011

Business cards are crucial for a home based business. Creating a quality business card can be easier than you think. Learn how to use Microsoft Publisher and other resources to make free professional business cards.

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    Why Business Cards?

    Every company regardless of size requires multiple methods of marketing for success. One of the primary tools in effective marketing is a business card. Letting other know who you are and what you do is a major step that can be often overlooked by home based business owners. It's important to establish yourself as a professional no matter what your trade or niche happens to be. You never know when you might meet a potential client or individual that can help boost your sales. Having a quality business card on hand can be a life-saver.

    Business cards are also an excellent method to generate local buzz about your services. If you sell and ship your own products include your business card in the packaging. Customers will remember you and buy again if they liked the product. Even if you're around someone who has no need of your services they may know someone who does. Always give you business card out to friends, family members, and people you meet. There is always potential of a sale lead when you're pro-active. Creating your own business cards is the first step.

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    How to Create Free Business Cards

    Card-stock at Creating your own professional looking business cards is free and easier than you may think. Hiring a service company to print your business cards can be costly. All you need to have is a computer, printer, and card-stock paper which can be purchased at the local office supply store for under $13.

    Before you start printing up cards it's important to map out the design of your card first. Get a piece of paper and write out what you information you want others to know. Some of the basic details included on a business card are company name, logo, your name, your service, title, catchline, email, website, mailing address, and phone number.

    Take into consideration what your niche or product is and research images related to that topic before selecting your logo. Tag lines are optional but they can help make your card more memorable similar to the logo. A catchy phrase and image always make an impression. You don't want to clutter your card so only present the information that you believe to be valuable. If you operate remotely from your home replacing the mailing address with the company website URL is best.

    Some professionals prefer presenting more additional information which usually requires creating a two-sided or folding business card. Once you've determined what type of card and the contact information you want to display it's time for Microsoft Publisher. Microsoft Publisher is a wonderful software that many home office users already have on their PC. It has a special option designed for printing business cards which makes it ideal.

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    Using Microsoft Publisher for Business Cards

    Microsoft Publisher Software Free business cards are just a click away on your desktop. Simply go to programs and open Microsoft Publisher. Click the 'File' on the Publisher toolbar and hit 'New'. A drop menu will appear. Find 'Business Cards' and click it. From here you select the type of paper you will be using. Use the business card template to pick a general design that you like. It's totally up to you.

    Make sure the template represents the overall look you want. Maintain the default setting or play around with the colors and various fonts. If you have a company logo select the 'Logo' option to add an image. Clip art is also available in that section. Enter your business information and click save.

    Go to the 'Copies' feature to select the number of multiples to print on your card-stock sheet. When you've reviewed your card and it looks satisfactory hit print. You have incredible looking free business cards without the fuss. For more ideas about how to reduce business expenses read 'Unnecessary Home Office Expenses.'