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Top 10 Home Office Gifts for Writers

written by: Nicky LaMarco•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 6/28/2011

Writers can be challenging to buy for at holiday times. Even other writers don’t always know what to get for one another. However, if you have a writer on your gift list this season consider purchasing one of these top gifts for their home office.

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    1: High Quality Headphones

    All of the annoying sounds of the outside world can be a real distraction when writers are trying to focus on their job. That’s why a pair of high quality headphones, perhaps ones with noise canceling features, can be an ideal present. They also make a great way for writers to enjoy their own musical accompaniment without bothering anyone else.

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    2: A Laptop

    Help your favorite writer escape the confines of his or her home office! With a laptop, they can do their work on the go and don’t necessarily need to be stuck to their desk at all times. Plus, laptops are becoming more affordable than ever so it’s a gift that makes sense.

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    3: Small Coffee Maker

    Most writers need a caffeine fix before they can really get into their writing. But who wants to keep interrupting their creativity to go to the kitchen for a refill. Instead, buy a small coffee maker they can use right in their home office space.

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    4: Subscription to OED Online

    Writers love words but that’s just part of the job description. And nothing is more perfect for a lover of words that a subscription to the Oxford English Dictionary online. The person can access millions of words, including full histories of each of them, without leaving their computer. Six and twelve month subscriptions are available.

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    5: Ergonomic Keyboard

    Because writers spend so much time typing, they run a high risk of developing repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel. One way to reduce that risk is by using an ergonomic keyboard designed to put less stress on the wrist. You can find these at most office supply stores.

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    6: Better Lighting

    Speaking of the physical problems associated with the job of writers, eye strain can be one of the most annoying. And it’s directly related to poor lighting in the room. Purchase a better desk lamp or standing light fixture for the office as a stylish and practical present.

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    7: Desk Chair with Massage Action

    Writers spend an inordinate amount of time in desk chairs so they deserve to be treated to exceptional enjoyment while doing their work. Some desk chairs come equipped with massage action that makes doing work a lot more fun.

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    8: An Answering Machine

    Phone calls can destroy a writer’s creative train of thought but missing calls can also cost them valuable opportunities. Purchase a digital answering machine for the writer you know so both of these problems can be avoided.

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    9: Desk Organizers

    Being productive usually means being organized and that’s also true for writers. They need to be able to find whatever they need when they need it quickly. A wide range of organizers are available to help arrange paper clips, pens, post-it notes, and everything else that might be found on the desk surface.

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    10: The Elements of Style

    Although this book by Strunk & White dates back to the early part of the 20th century, it’s still the bible of good writing. Giving a copy of this timeless and useful classic to the writer in your life is sure to be appreciated. Just check their bookshelves first to make sure they don’t have the newest version already.