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A Glossary of Home Office Tech Terms: "H"

written by: •edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 6/28/2011

Home Office Tech terms that start with the letter “H" and are often used in the BrightHub Home Office Tech channel, from hacker to hardware to HTTP.

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    The Letter H

    Hacker: A hacker is an individual who, for reasons either devious or helpful, finds a way to break past computer's security systems (such as firewalls) and thus breach the particular system or network. Some hackers work professionally to identify weak security areas for businesses and organizations and thus prevent them from having to deal with a serious security problem. Other hackers use their knowledge and abilities to create viruses and wreak havoc just because they can.

    Hardware: The hardware of a home office is the actual physical objects used to perform a variety of computing and technological tasks that are part of the work done in the home office. Hardware refers to the monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer processor, digital camera, cables, printers, and communication devices used in a home office. Additionally, hardware refers to the individual physical components of the computer, such as the computer's hard drive, memory card, or cooling fan.

    Help Feature: In most software programs, the Help Feature is available via the main menu bar and takes the user to a searchable database or handbook of terms, instructions, and step-by-step usage and problem solving details.

    Home Office: The keystone terms of home office tech terms, the home office itself is a workspace set up somewhere within one's home. The workspace may be used for telecommuting for a corporate job, running an at-home business, a consulting business, or freelance services, working part-time for various clients, pursuing individual projects, dealing with the bills and paperwork of the household, or a combination of those pursuits. The home office may be located in a room entirely devoted to being an office, or it might be set up in a corner of the living room, as part of the den or the kitchen, in a portion of the basement, doing double-duty as a guest room or sewing room, or in a workshop, attic, or garage.

    HP Image Zone: HP Image Zone is a software program that provides functions to edit and save digital photos and use the photos in a variety of desktop publishing projects, such as greeting cards.

    HTML: HyperText Markup Language is the primary language of use for creating webpages. Although there are many other languages available for use, HTML is the most used and the most universally functional language.

    HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol is a protocol for communication on computers; it led to the development of the world wide web. It retrieves linked text documents by making a request and receiving a response. This communication occurs between websites or between users and websites.