How to Create Christmas Gifts Tags

Getting Started with Your Christmas Gift Tags in Illustrator


You can create your own gift tags using Adobe Illustrator and sticker paper. Basically all you will have to do is create a rectangle, decorate it, add your text, and print it. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating the gift tags. Before getting started, it is best to search online and find the Christmas graphics you want to use. You will need to save the Christmas graphics to your computer once you have found some to use. You will also need to purchase sticker paper to print the tags on. If you don't have sticker paper, or can't find it, you can use card stock paper and tape the tags to the gifts.

Creating the Christmas Gift Tags

Open your Adobe Illustrator program and click File > New. When the New Document box opens, set the size to Letter. Set the Unit to inches. Set the height to 11 and the width to 8. Then click OK to create the new document. This is the size of a standard printer sheet. Your new document should be opened.

Let’s start by creating a box with a nice border. If you want all of the gift tags to be the same, you can duplicate all the other tags from the one we are about to create. If you want different Christmas Tags, I will show you how to create different ones.

For the first one, go ahead and select the rectangle tool. Draw a rectangle on your document the size that you want the gift tag to be. Keep in mind we will be applying a border, so you may want to give yourself a little extra room. Change the color fill to white. This is the top color box in the tool panel on the left. Change the border color to what you want. You can change it to red, green, or whatever color you desire.

Now we will change the style of the border. There are so many different styles that you can apply to the border. I will leave that up to you, but I will get you started. You can use styles to apply borders, you may have to keep changing the border color back to what you originally had. Some styles will change the color but you can change it right back. You can also apply brushes to the border to change the look. There are many different borders and styles located in your Libraries folder. Click Window > Brush Libraries > and you will see the different brushes. Do the same for the styles. Window > Style Libraries > and the library you want to open.

Next, you can add the graphic that you want to use. Go to the top of your window and click File > Open and locate the graphic in the box that you want to use. Double click the graphic to open it. If it opens in a new window, click the graphic to select it, then press CTRL C on your keyboard. Minimize that window and go back to your other window. Press CTRL V on your keyboard to paste it. Now drag it to your gift tag. You may need to resize it. You can resize it by selecting the transform tool in your tool panel.

Now you can type your text that you want to appear on the Gift Tag. You can type something like Merry Christmas or just type the To and From text. After you add your text, you can create your other Christmas Gift Tags. If you want to create the same tag, simply duplicate the tag that you just created. Select everything on your document by holding down shift and clicking each thing. Then press ctrl c on your keyboard. Click off of the selected items and press ctrl v to paste it. Drag the newly pasted tag below the first tag. Continue until you have filled the page up. Then you can print your tags.