Home Office

Do you currently telecommute, freelance, run your own small business and work from a home office? Then Bright Hub’s home office channel is for you.Home offices are booming. The upsides are great – the commute is only a few steps away and no one cares if you are in your sweatpants or pajamas. It’s no surprise that a growing number of small business owners, as well as employees of larger companies, work out of their homes. And, home office users face some unique challenges. From avoiding the isolation of working alone to helping family and friends respect your work boundaries, working from home’s upsides and downsides are vastly different from the dynamics of small, and large, offices.
Here you will find how to stay organized, avoid time traps, and utilize the latest technology to keep you productive and on deadline. You’ll also discover easy home office decorating tips and great ideas for avoiding work at home budget-busters. And, there’s even office software tips and reviews to help you improve your productivity and manage your tasks lists with ease.

Learn How to Use Microsoft Office Word 2007 Cover Pages

In Word 2007, 15 cover pages have been preformatted and stored in a building block gallery making them as easy to insert as performing just one click to add them to an existing document. In this article, you’ll learn how to work with the existing cover pages and create your own.

How to Best Work with E-Mail Attachments

Having your own business often means communicating with your clients via e-mail. You’ll send photographs, documents, or other data often. Learn how to send attachments appropriately and thus create better rapport with your clients.

Review of Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe

Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe is document management software that features network collaboration, scanning, and conversion tools all packaged within a simple yet functional user interface.

PaperMaster Pro 7.0: An Effective Document Manager

PaperMaster Pro 7.0 can help reduce the amount of paper you use. While this document management software may make it possible to use less paper, does it mean that an illusive paperless world will finally become a reality? Less paper maybe, but not necessarily paperless.

PDF Converter Pro 4: A Review

PDF Converter Professional 4 from Nuance Communications is the tool you are looking for if you like the idea on being able to convert documents to and from PDF, unlock PDFs, merge PDFs, convert almost any file to PDF, and do many other PDF-related tasks. Move over, Acrobat.