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Do you currently telecommute, freelance, run your own small business and work from a home office? Then Bright Hub’s home office channel is for you.Home offices are booming. The upsides are great – the commute is only a few steps away and no one cares if you are in your sweatpants or pajamas. It’s no surprise that a growing number of small business owners, as well as employees of larger companies, work out of their homes. And, home office users face some unique challenges. From avoiding the isolation of working alone to helping family and friends respect your work boundaries, working from home’s upsides and downsides are vastly different from the dynamics of small, and large, offices.
Here you will find how to stay organized, avoid time traps, and utilize the latest technology to keep you productive and on deadline. You’ll also discover easy home office decorating tips and great ideas for avoiding work at home budget-busters. And, there’s even office software tips and reviews to help you improve your productivity and manage your tasks lists with ease.

FaxZero Review: Learn How You Can Send Faxes without a Fax Machine

The fax machine might seem like an object of antiquity (Didn’t they bust one up in that movie Office Space?), but many companies still send faxes and accept faxes as a means of remote communication. Enter FaxZero, an online fax utility that allows users to send faxes at will online.

Stress Management Questionnaires – Free Online Resources

Stress is an integral part of our lives. You can’t avoid it, but you can learn how to manage it so that it won’t destroy your health or sabotage your happiness. Are you managing stress effectively? Find out the answer with these stress management questionnaires to gauge your current stress level.

Telecommuting: How to Negotiate Working From Home

Learning how to negotiate working from home may mean you have to do some research and perhaps some testing on your own first. Remember that when approaching a manager or supervisor about working from home, you have to explain what benefits are provided to the company.

Consider an Example of Good Organizational Skills

Keeping organized, especially when either working from home or running a home business, can seem like disorganization, even when you don’t want it to be. Here, we’ll look at examples of good organizational skills that can help you keep on track and equip you with the information you need to succeed.

Download a Free Standard Receipt Template

The Internal Revenue Service mandates individuals and firms to issue receipts for any payment received for services rendered. A receipt is an indispensable document in any business transaction. Download a free standard receipt template from the Bright Hub Media Gallery.

Home Office: 10 Best Books for Inspiration and Self Help

The best books for inspiration and self-help for home office workers are here and it is a motley crew. Although these titles may seem like “one is not like the other,” they all benefit the home office worker whether he needs a design plan, eco-friendly advice or just some serious ‘Om’ time–read on.

How to Motivate People in Positive Ways

Motivation is a big consideration when thinking about employees in the workplace and even home based workers. But what motivates someone and what keeps them motivated in order to continue giving the best job performance possible? Here, learn how to motivate people in positive ways.

Making the Announcement to Clients of Job Change

Making a change to your business or even changing businesses is a big commitment and can be time consuming for you and your employees. But what about your clients? By making the announcement to clients of job changes, such as moving or additions, keeps them happy. Here’s how.

10 Great Volunteer Ideas for the Self-Employed

You know the joys of setting your own work schedule, designing your office the way you want and best of all, being your own boss. Working at home does have drawbacks, though, such as the lack of social interaction. These volunteer ideas are a great way to not only get out but also give back.

10 Tips to Organize Home Office Spaces Quickly

Working inside the home can be problematic if life or duties seep in from other areas of the house or if clutter takes over, creating chaos. Featured are 10 easy tips to organize home office space from defining task areas, to creating storage, furniture arrangement, options for accessories and more.