General Accounting Info & Tips

General information on business and personal accounting.

Are You a Working Capital Whiz? Find Out

What’s your working capital IQ? Take this quiz to learn how much you know about managing current assets in order to meet all current obligations. The formula for determining the working capital is easy; the tricky part is determining its efficiency to ensure an entity’s safety margin of liquidity.

Test Your Knowledge of Accounting Scandals

How good are you at recognizing accounting irregularities? Here’s a quiz that will test your knowledge of some of the most notorious accounting scandals. This could serve as an effective way of making sure you’ll be making the right financial decisions.

Answers to Common Questions About Assets

Common questions about assets include how to keep a register of assets, how to record the assets in the accounts, and how to compute depreciation. Investors may wish to know how to compute asset ratios that help to assess management performance or look at the liquidity of the enterprise.

Asset or Liability? Test Your Accounting Knowledge With This Quick Quiz

Lost on assets and liabilities? Actress Mae West once said, “Brains are an asset to the woman in love who’s smart enough to hide ‘em.” While you don’t want to hide your assets or liabilities on your balance sheet, this quiz will test your knowledge on how well you know the difference.