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Think You Know It All When It Comes to Payroll? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/15/2011

For business payroll or accounting departments, it's important to ensure you know all the rules when it comes to payroll, deductions and when overtime pay is due. Take our quick 13 question quiz and test your knowledge.

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    Whether you are a payroll clerk or you work in the accounting department and are responsible for paying employees each pay period, understanding the rules on payroll is an essential must.

    Government agencies such as the Department of Labor and their Wage and Hour Division have set rules on payroll, and the Fair Labor Standards Act has specific policies including but not limited to overtime laws, child labor laws and paying salaried employees versus hourly workers.

    Bright Hub wants you to be knowledgeable about payroll, so here we have devised a quick 13 question quiz to test your payroll IQ. We'll start with one easy question but then take a deep breath--the rest are a little tougher! Don't sweat too much, however, if you score lower than you expected, you'll find useful resource articles from our Bright Hub experts you can review and then take the test again.

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    Payroll Accounting Quiz

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