Taxes, Fees & Costs

  • Tax Strategies for an S Corporation

    The right S Corporation tax strategies can help you save money and avoid an audit. Learn about methods to avoid red flags with the IRS, and how to maximize your tax deductions. You’ll also want to know about negotiating tax settlements with the...
    By theMallorys January 6, 2011 

  • Tax Advantages to Owning a Business

    Put your money in your pocket, not Uncle Sam's, as you learn to claim all the tax advantages to owning a business. Invest in yourself first and buy the business items required to become profitable--and write them off.
    By Angelique de la Morreaux January 4, 2011 

  • How to Calculate the Hourly Cost to Run Your Business

    Knowing the hourly cost to run a business is imperative for small business owners. Read on to find out why and how to calculate this all-important figure.
    By W. A. Swan December 27, 2010 

  • Self Employment Tax Tips

    Check out these top 4 self employment tax tips to pay your taxes efficiently and maintain very clean records. Learn how to make optimal use of the tax benefits and deductions available to self-employed individuals from the IRS to help save on your tax...
    By Vikas Vij December 13, 2010 

  • How to Save Money on eBay Listing and Final Value Fees

    Understanding how to save money on eBay fees is very important if you are running an eBay business. Here are some quick tips that can be implemented to save you a few bucks and increase your profitability.
    By J. Smith November 27, 2010 

  • Just How Many Different Kinds of Business Insurance Are There?

    This article summarizes the many different types of business insurance available and it explains how they differ from one another. Learn about the differences between property insurance, general liability insurance and more in this helpful article.
    By Ronda Bowen July 10, 2010 

  • Start-Up Cost of a Catering Business

    The cost of starting-up a catering business depends largely on the intended scope of the business. Cost of kitchen equipment and supplies, licenses and fees must all be included. Read on for more in-depth information.
    By nataliajones July 1, 2010 

  • Cost Benefit Analysis on a Start-Up Business

    Entrepreneurs use the cost benefit analysis method to evaluate the choice of starting a new business. This article explores how this is done with specific reference to examples relevant to the business owner.
    By nataliajones July 1, 2010 

  • Seven Signs to Know When to Let Your Business Go

    It's been in the back of your mind for awhile, the possibility that your business might not survive the year. Is it really time to quit? What are the signs that let you know? There are seven signs which can help you know when to close down...
    By W. A. Swan June 28, 2010 

  • The Cost of Closing a Business on Short Notice

    If you are thinking of closing a business on short notice because of financial issues, consider the overall cost of closing a business on short notice. Simply closing the business and walking away isn't as simple as it sounds. There are a few closing...
    By W. A. Swan June 28, 2010 
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