Entrepreneur Successes

  • Are You Reactive or Proactive When Managing Your Small Business?

    Are you reactive or proactive when managing your small business? Being proactive can help your small business succeed and grow, by addressing any probable issues before they occur. A reactive business management style is what causes many small businesses...
    By Shoshana Jackson March 31, 2011 

  • The J Curve: Where New Ventures Fail

    Learn what the J curve is, and how it will help you in successful launch of your new venture.
    By Carson K November 7, 2010 

  • Useless Inventions That Flopped: What NOT To Do

    From canned sandwiches to Head On, history is littered with examples of failed inventions. This article points out the mistakes of some famously useless inventions and explains how to avoid their mistakes.
    By Eleanor Newman September 26, 2010 

  • 10 Funny Inventions That Raked in the Cash

    These are ten of the funniest inventions that I wish that I would have come with first. I mean how hard was it to put two eyes on a rock and make millions from it?
    By Storywriter September 2, 2010 

  • Accidental Entrepreneur: Inventions That Just "Happened"

    Some notable inventions that happened by accident include all kind of inventions from Popsicles to microwave ovens to penicillin. These inventions were not intended to be discovered but came into being as part of some accident or mistake on the part of...
    By johnsinit August 31, 2010 

  • Top Irish Entrepreneurs

    You surely know Ireland, that small country at the edge of Europe. Do you also know there are some well-known, top Irish entrepreneurs? Find out more about these successful Irish entrepreneurs in this informative article.
    By Saoirse OMara July 28, 2010 

  • The Inspirational Story of Mary Kay Ash

    Mary Kay Ash was a true pioneer among female entrepreneurs. This biography takes a look at the original "Pink Lady" and what led her to found Mary Kay Cosmetics, inspiring women around the world to launch their own business ventures.
    By Jackie Barlow July 20, 2010 

  • Slaves Who Became Entrepreneurs

    Many historical business owners escaped slavery to create a better life for their families and communities. Here are slaves who built their own empires using innovative services that provided huge financial returns.
    By msnicole May 31, 2010 

  • Famous Musical Entrepreneurs

    Here are entrepreneurs who found success by carving out their own niche in the music industry. These individuals possess valuable skills to needed to fulfill the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.
    By msnicole May 30, 2010 

  • Interview With a Successful Entrepreneur: Noah Fleming

    Noah Fleming is a successful online marketer who helps others become successful in online business. Find out how he succeeded as an entrepreneur and what tips he has for new and struggling entrepreneurs.
    By Heidi Wiesenfelder May 13, 2010 
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