Successful Entrepreneurs – Interviews, Case Studies, and Inspiring Stories

Along with offering other tips and strategies, the Bright Hub Entrepreneurship Channel has a dedicated portal that includes interviews and stories of successful entrepreneurs. Learn from their mistakes as well as their strategies as they share some of the secrets that have propelled them to success.
If you’re drawn to the field of social entrepreneurship, be sure to check out the advice offered by Hildy Gottlieb, founder of the world’s first diaper bank. Also, learn how the Dabbawalas managed to become an entrepreneurial role model, despite having very limited education and access to resources. If you’re more technically inclined, you may want to check out this rundown of the top ten Internet entrepreneurs and the strategies they used to achieve their success.

Entrepreneurs of the 19th Century

Entrepreneurs of every era share many common characteristics. The Industrial Revolution produced some of the most successful innovators in history. By studying 19th century entrepreneurs, modern business owners can gain insight into the process required to achieve their own goals and objectives.

A List of Famous Entrepreneurs From Florida

While Florida’s state nickname is the Sunshine State, the famous entrepreneurs from Florida listed here, all made their state proud. From a famous cookie man to a circus clown to a public relations guru, these three Floridians did indeed help put Florida on the map, all with help from a New Yorker!

Successful Business Presentation Ideas

The ability to deliver your ideas to work teams or customers is a very important skill. Business presentations are one of the best ways to entice interest in your product, service or business proposal. Use this business presentation idea guide to help you perform this task successfully.

Who Was the First Woman to Receive a Patent

The article answers the question: who was the first women to receive a patent. The article is about the first women (Mary Kies) who received a patent in the U.S. for her invention. She was the first women to be issued a patent in the U.S. in 1809.

Checklist for Running a Small Business

For new business owners and entrepreneurs just beginning a business, is there an effective checklist for running a small business? Here at Bright Hub, we want to make both new and existing entrepreneurs succeed. Read on to find out all you need for starting and running a small business.

Successful Pinoy Entrepreneurs

The Philippines provides a fertile environment for burgeoning entrepreneurs to display their unique creativity and resolute spirit. Whether indigenous Filipinos or emigrants, the successful Pinoy entrepreneur is making an impact that crosses geography and cultural barriers.