Entrepreneur Successes

  • Why Consumers Want Makeup and Shaving Kits Brought to Their Doorsteps

    New startups and old established businesses are turning to subscription services as a way of generating consistent revenue. Does this trend have staying power?
    By Yahya Mokhtarzada February 22, 2016 

  • Insight into 3 Companies: Dominating the Market & Making Lives Easier

    There are three companies that rise above all other companies by eliminating people's need to do research for themselves when making purchasing decisions. These three companies then offer both a platform for an individual to make a purchase and also...
    By Xenios Thrasyvoulou June 25, 2015 

  • How Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit Can Help You Get Ahead

    Although not all of us can be entrepreneurs in the traditional sense, many of us need to be entrepreneurial about our own career path. Learn how an entrepreneurial spirit can help you get ahead at work and really sell your skills in an interview.
    By Soozy G. Miller January 2, 2014 

  • 10 Unlikely Business Partnerships That Made It Big

    There is some truth behind the adage "strength in numbers", but maybe it's time to create a new philosophy that there is "strength in unlikely numbers." Some pretty unlikely business partnerships have been formed over the years and...
    By Caryl Cress Ramsey October 30, 2011 

  • 10 Business Success Stories: Keeping It in the Family

    Everyone has heard about famous family businesses; names like Hilton, Trump and the Walton family (Walmart) are well-known across the world. But what about the not so well-known family businesses that made it big? Jean Scheid offers up...
    By Jean Scheid October 27, 2011 

  • Milestones in the History of American Trade and Commerce

    Venturing into a profit-making speculation requires a keen perception of the business potentials and an assimilation of the risks to be taken. Consider the relevance of this concept while exploring the lessons that can be learned about the landmark moments...
    By ciel s cantoria October 26, 2011 

  • 7 Strange But Successful Business Ideas

    You don’t need big money to build a big business! Instead, what you need is a big idea. And the more strange or creative your idea, the more earning potential it has. We’re all set to prove that strange ideas can often mean successful...
    By Sidharth Thakur October 20, 2011 

  • Business Interpretations of Yogi Berra Quotes

    Yogi Berra! What’s a baseball player got to do with business? Maybe nothing directly, but his quotes often seem to hold business relevance. Not convinced? Keep reading and we’ll interpret his quotes to show you how they can be...
    By Sidharth Thakur October 19, 2011 

  • Fun Quiz: Match the Slogan to the Product

    Test your sales resistance and see how many of these famous advertising slogans you've managed to forget. If you score higher than you thought, don't beat yourself up. These sly slogans and taglines are expertly crafted to hook into your brain...
    By Donna Cosmato October 17, 2011 

  • Test Your Knowledge of Office Inventions With This Challenging Trivia Quiz

    All great inventions begin with a great idea. As you look around your office, do you know where all those gadgets came from and who invented them? Take this fun trivia quiz to show off your knowledge about the great inventors and their inventions...
    By Ginny Edwards October 16, 2011 
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