Successful Entrepreneurs – Interviews, Case Studies, and Inspiring Stories

Along with offering other tips and strategies, the Bright Hub Entrepreneurship Channel has a dedicated portal that includes interviews and stories of successful entrepreneurs. Learn from their mistakes as well as their strategies as they share some of the secrets that have propelled them to success.
If you’re drawn to the field of social entrepreneurship, be sure to check out the advice offered by Hildy Gottlieb, founder of the world’s first diaper bank. Also, learn how the Dabbawalas managed to become an entrepreneurial role model, despite having very limited education and access to resources. If you’re more technically inclined, you may want to check out this rundown of the top ten Internet entrepreneurs and the strategies they used to achieve their success.

Landmark Moments in the American History of Entrepreneurship

Venturing into a profit-making speculation requires a keen perception of the business potentials and an assimilation of the risks to be taken. Consider the relevance of this concept while exploring the lessons that can be learned about the landmark moments in the American history of entrepreneurship

Strange Business Ideas That Really Took Off

You don’t need big money to build a big business! Instead, what you need is a big idea. And the more strange or creative your idea, the more earning potential it has. We’re all set to prove that strange ideas can often mean successful businesses. Keep reading…

Turning Yogi Berra Quotes Into Entrepreneurial Advice

Yogi Berra! What’s a baseball player got to do with business? Maybe nothing directly, but his quotes often seem to hold business relevance. Not convinced? Keep reading and we’ll interpret his quotes to show you how they can be used as business or entrepreneurial advice.

Photo Gallery of 10 Outstanding Digital Era Entrepreneurs

A common thread running through the lives of these digital business leaders is that most dropped out of school to chase their dreams. Did school bore them or did they fear their creative spark would be extinguished by academia? Learn more about the inner drives of these entrepreneurial super stars.

Show Off Your Knowledge of Invention Trivia With This Fun Office Quiz

All great inventions begin with a great idea. As you look around your office, do you know where all those gadgets came from and who invented them? Take this fun trivia quiz to show off your knowledge about the great inventors and their inventions that paved the way for the modern office.

Famous Business Partners You May Never Have Heard Of

Anyone who knows anything about Microsoft associates Bill Gates as the founder. However, not too many non-techies know much about partner Paul Allen. Find out more about Allen and two other unsung partners behind the scenes of three stunningly successful organizations.

Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 25

If you’re young and innovative with a goal of reaching the top of the corporate ladder or simply want to become one of the young, rich and famous, this is not an unachievable goal! There are always top ten lists on entrepreneurs who did well, but how many were able to meet the feat while under the a

Joining a Rotary Professional Club Can Help Your Business

Have you heard of Rotary International or Rotary Clubs? Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking to network with local business owners and community leaders? Do you love humanitarian service and helping others? If you want to learn how to become more successful, this is an article for you.