Starting a Business

  • Business Startup Assistance for People Without Experience

    Fuel your passion, work hard, understand where you’re coming from and then go for it. You’ll be the successful businessperson you always dreamed of being. This guide offers some tips for starting a new business so that you can begin on your...
    By Arun Kumar (PowercutIN) July 27, 2011 

  • Low Cost Business Ideas: Home Inspection

    A home inspector makes a comprehensive examination of a property to assess the state of a building. Starting a home inspection business makes for a good business idea as people buying or selling houses require this service to determine the true value...
    By N Nayab July 19, 2011 

  • The History of the Party Planning Business

    There is nothing like a party to celebrate a special occasion. Have you ever wondered how parties have become the lavish affairs they are now, or how party planning became a popular business idea? This article will explore these questions and motivate...
    By Remy Boyd July 17, 2011 

  • How to Turn Planning Social Events into a Business

    Social events are a billion, yes billion, dollar industry that has room for entrepreneurs to create new business ventures. Learn what social events are and how to create a social event planning business as we explore the ins and outs of this budding industry...
    By Remy Boyd July 15, 2011 

  • Tips on Buying a Small Business

    “Don’t quit your day job,” Sarah said as she peered at her friend over her cup of coffee. “But that’s the whole point in starting my own business,” Jane answered. “I want to work for myself. To live...
    By SallyOdum July 6, 2011 

  • How to Incorporate In Nevada Or Delaware

    Learn how to incorporate in Delaware and how to incorporate in Nevada with just a few clicks of your mouse. These corporate-friendly states are home to many of the world's most famous corporations, and you don't have to live there to reap the...
    By SallyOdum July 6, 2011 

  • Direct Mail Businesses Explained

    This article will explain how to start a direct mail business in seven easy steps.
    By SallyOdum July 6, 2011 

  • Top Ten Cities To Start A Business

    Location, location, location... location means everything on the quest to starting a new business and this article examines the top ten cities for entrepreneurs in 2009.
    By Kay Wiki July 6, 2011 

  • Network Marketing Businesses Explained

    Mult-Level Marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing, often gets a bad rap because people confuse it with illegal Ponzi schemes. MLM is a legitimate method of structuring a direct sales business, and business experts are starting to tout...
    By Heidi Wiesenfelder July 6, 2011 

  • How to Choose a Multi-Level Marketing Business (part 2)

    Hundreds of companies use a network marketing model and are currently open to new distributors. So how do you choose one? These tips provide guidance for anyone interested in learning more about the types of companies that offer a multi-level marketing...
    By Heidi Wiesenfelder July 6, 2011 
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