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Think you have what it takes to join the many who have successfully started their own business? Or perhaps you think you’ve reached an impass and are wondering what your next step is? No matter how far along the road you are, one of the keys to success in entrepreneurship is to learn from other’s successes and failures. Read inspirational stories and cautionary tales about fellow entrepreneurs. Also, keep up with current affairs and laws that may affect you and your business.

Was That Social Media Campaign Really Free?

It’s commonly thought that social media is a great way to market your business because it’s a free tool that allows you to get your message and brand in front of a lot of people. However, what many people don’t account for or bother to calculate is how much the social media campaign really costs.

Doublespeak in Marketing: When Does It Become Sugar-Coating?

George Orwell, in his essay “Politics and the English Language,” spoke about how language can be used to put a different spin on facts that might not be easily accepted by the general public. Politics isn’t the only arena where people play this game. Gain more customers by telling the truth!