Human Resources – Hiring, Firing, and Everything in Between

The topic of human resources can be quite daunting, particularly for entrepreneurs and new business owners. What do you do when suddenly you’re the boss? Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel has an entire area devoted to articles dealing with issues concerning human resources, including topics such as what to look for when hiring, how to write an employee handbook, and how to deal with difficult employees. Our talented writers will also look at some of the legal issues surrounding topics in human resources, such as what benefits you have to offer to prospective employees and how to appeal an unemployment claim. In addition, we’ll offer tips and advice on how to retain star employees, making sure they get the recognition they deserve.

Writing Ideas for Business Letters

Do you know what “Encl.” means and why you should include it in your letter? Do you have long letters you send when pitching a sale? What are three mistakes beginning writers make? Here, Ronda Levine provides many tips on writing ideas for business letters.

Employee Attendance: Controlling Absenteeism in the Workplace

Many employers attempt to reduce absenteeism but find it difficult to successfully do so because of a lack of understanding relating to employees and attendance. This article identifies why employees tend to miss work and how employers can effectively control absenteeism throughout the workplace.

A Look at Human Resource Issues

What trends are occurring in the human resource field and what are the biggest human resource issues and concerns? When the economy is challenged, human resource managers must pay attention to current trends to be effective in human resource management.

What are the Best Business Team Building Ideas?

Do you own a small business and have a sales team or office team? What about your entire staff? Aren’t they a team? From time to time you need to utilize business team building ideas to keep everyone working on the same page with strong results.

How to be an Entrepreneur’s Wife

Being the wife of an entrepreneur can be as difficult a task as starting up a business. It’s good to learn what’s going through your husband’s head and what you can do to keep the peace to improve the chances that his business will be a success.

How to Write an Employee Letter of Appreciation

Writing a letter of appreciation for an employee is an easy task, especially if you are pleased with the employee’s efforts. Letters of acknowledgement and appreciation are tools that can be used by HR and supervisors when reviewing employee’s files or for the employee to keep as their own.

Top Five HR Strategies for Small Business Owners

Small business owners can benefit immensely from understanding and employing common human resource trends and strategies for improving their workforce. This article discusses the top five HR priorities for small business owners and discusses the best way to implement these strategies.

Elements of a Job Description: What Should Be Included?

Job descriptions are difficult to write because it is hard to know which details are important. Fortunately, this article lists the seven elements of an effective job description and explains the benefits associated with exerting the time and energy into developing a well-written job description.

Which Health Insurance Option Is Best for Your Company?

As a small business owner, health insurance is a costly proposition. When looking at the various small business health insurance options, owners find options either too costly or too rigid. Five possible options may help in minimizing cost while gaining the most coverage for your employees.