Funding Your Business

There are many different avenues you can take when trying to obtain funding for your business, whether you’re just starting out or looking for capital to help you expand and grow. Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel has an entire subdivision dedicated to exploring these different funding opportunities to help you decide which ones are best for your business and your personal management style.
To new business owners, there may seem to be an air of mysticism around the concept of venture capitalism. Our experts in the field will help to dispel some of the fears and misconceptions people have about this type of funding and offer advice to those who would like to seek it for their business. If venture capital isn’t for you – and it’s not, for many – there are a number of other methods of obtaining funding for your business.
If you’re thinking about using personal funds, be careful. It’s very easy for personal and business finances to become so intermingled that a business failure could cause personal ruin. For instance, if you’re thinking about mortgaging your home to raise business startup capital, make sure you’re aware of all the pros and cons first.
For other funding ideas and advice, check out the other tips offered by our experienced writers. Learn more about the impact of different funding methods, and discover if your business venture qualifies for certain grants and government loans. Most of all, make sure you know what you’re getting into before you sign your name on that dotted line!

Venture Capital: The Advantages and Disadvantages

New business owners often face difficulties in obtaining capital. Some turn to venture capital (VC) options to help them get started. Before you use this type of investment to fund your business, make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages.

How to Grow a Cleaning Business

Even in tough times, people need their homes and places of business to be kept clean and sanitary, but it is essential that you look for ways to keep expanding your client base. If you want to know how to grow a cleaning business, these tips will help give you some ideas.

Cash Flow Business Ideas

All business owners need to understand how cash flow works or they’ll soon find themselves without any. Here, we’ll discuss how to keep your cash flow under control along with some additional cash flow business ideas.

How to Run an Auto Body Repair Business

If you’re good at auto body and paint repair, have you considered the question, how to run an auto body repair shop? You can choose the independent route or explore franchise opportunities for auto body repair shops. Jean Scheid, the owner of an auto body repair shop takes a look at how to run one.

Top Advantages of an LLC Over an S Corp

One advantage an LLC has over an S corp is a lessened paperwork burden. But, this is far from the only potential advantage. Entrepreneurs may want to consider choosing an LLC over an S corp structure; this allows enjoyment of benefits such as asset protection without a lot of red tape.

Writing Non-Profit Organization Grant Proposals

Are you a non-profit looking for grants? Finding non-profit organization grants may seem easy with all the fluff you see, especially on government grants, but what is real and what is a money-making scheme? Jean Scheid takes a look at grant proposal writing for non-profits.

Finding Angel Investors for Non-Profits

Is there such a thing as angel investors for non-profit organizations? The answer may be yes and no and it often depends upon how long your non-profit has been in business. Jean Scheid takes a look at where and how non-profits can obtain much needed financing.