Buying & Selling a Business

  • How to Buy Your Parent's Business

    Are you interested in how to buy your parent's business? You don’t need an answer if your parents have a good exit strategy that automatically entitles you to takeover their position when they retire. Let us see how to proceed even if your...
    By Arun Kumar (PowercutIN) May 5, 2010 

  • Tips on Pricing Inventory When Selling a Business

    Theoretically, inventory is part of the assets of a business and is normally included whenever sale of a business is contemplated. Exceptions could be when the new owner is aiming to completely change the line of business and does not need the goods in...
    By Jayant R Row May 3, 2010 

  • Highly Profitable eBay Business Ideas, Powersellers, and eBay Motors

    Looking for some quality eBay business ideas? This list features several eBay business models that have proven to be profitable as well as stable. Some eBay power sellers earn quite a bit of money. This article details what to sell, how to sell, and...
    By Nicholas April 7, 2010 

  • How to Open and Run a Bookstore

    It may be your dream to own and run a bookstore. If you’re a reader and love to share your latest page-turner, learning how to run a bookstore may be ideal for you. Here, you’ll find the latest tips on how to open, run, and make your bookstore...
    By Jean Scheid March 20, 2010 

  • Internet Copyright Laws Explained

    As per the United States laws - everything (text, videos, audios or images) created on the web after April 1 1989, is protected by the Internet copyright laws. This article studies the copyright laws on the Internet.
    By Mridula B February 19, 2010 

  • How to Sell Your Business?

    Do you have a family business or a small business with partners and want to close it down or sell it? Many business owners ask what is the best way for selling our business? Should you do it on your own, or place the business up for sale with...
    By Jean Scheid February 16, 2010 

  • Terminating a Franchise Agreement

    If you own a franchise and are wondering how to break a franchise agreement, Jean Scheid takes a look at how to do it. Keep in mind that franchise laws vary from state to state so it's good to know your state's franchise laws before exploring...
    By Jean Scheid October 23, 2009 

  • Franchise Advice: A Resource Guide on Franchise Businesses

    Do you own a franchise and want to terminate or sell it? Are you interested in buying a franchise? What agreements will the franchisor require? Here you'll find a great resource guide on franchise businesses as well as some valuable advice...
    By Jean Scheid October 23, 2009 

  • Buying a Failing Business

    Interested in buying a failing business? Before you sign that buy/sell agreement do you know why the business failed or what you plan to do to make it successful? Jean Scheid offers tips on buying a failing business.
    By Jean Scheid October 2, 2009 

  • Things You Should Know When Buying an Existing Business

    Buying an existing business means understanding the products or services you'll be selling as well as your customers. Before you choose a business to purchase, how can you make sure it's the right business? Jean Scheid takes a look at things...
    By Jean Scheid August 26, 2009 
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