Buying & Selling a Business

  • What Are Franchise Legal Agreements?

    If you're considering buying a franchise, you'll have to sign a franchise legal agreement with the franchisor. Jean Scheid looks at tips for buying a franchise business.
    By Jean Scheid May 18, 2011 

  • Choosing a Franchise Opportunity

    There are many franchise opportunities available and it can be hard to select the right one. Learn how to choose a franchise opportunity with the special tips discussed in this article.
    By Alia Nikolakopulos March 25, 2011 

  • Guide to Closing a Business Without Bankruptcy

    Closing a business without bankruptcy is often the best route for a struggling business owner to bow-out gracefully without accumulating legal fees and tarnished vendor relationships. This article discusses key basic components to consider if you're...
    By Alia Nikolakopulos March 23, 2011 

  • Tips for Writing a Letter of Business Closure

    A letter of business closure is a formal approach of announcing the closure of a business. This announcement is made to all the stakeholders involved, especially those who are key participants. Here are some tips that can help you with writing this all...
    By Alia Nikolakopulos March 8, 2011 

  • The Business Buying Decision: 10 Key Questions You Should Ask Yourself

    Thinking about buying an existing business? Before you do, make sure you know the answers to these ten questions.
    By W. A. Swan December 4, 2010 

  • Pros and Cons of Buying a Turnkey Business

    A turnkey business is more than just the "Betty Croker" way of becoming an entrepreneur. There are very real benefits but there are also a few drawbacks. This article evaluates whether or not it is a good idea to buy a turnkey business.
    By nataliajones August 15, 2010 

  • Do You Want to Dump Your Business Partner?

    Some entrepreneurs that have a great business idea or opportunity but no cash or funding sources seek out individuals who have needed cash to be their business partner. Once the business is up and running what can you do if you realize you made a mistake...
    By Jean Scheid August 6, 2010 

  • Which is the Best Way to Buy an Existing Business, Assets or Stock?

    Want to buy an existing business but unsure how to do it? When comparing different way to buy an existing business is an asset purchase vs stock purchase better? Jean Scheid takes a look at the best ways to buy an existing business.
    By Jean Scheid June 28, 2010 

  • Eight Tips on Buying a Business

    When you are buying an existing business, you hope you will eventually find a good deal. You also hope that you are not buying into a problem business. Many people look for tips on buying a business or tips on buying an existing business. I can give...
    By W. A. Swan June 26, 2010 

  • Buying Out a Business Partner

    When buying out a business partner, certain steps should be kept in mind for a smooth and easy buy out process. Chances are the process could turn into a nightmare if no preceding formal agreements were made. This article offers some important points...
    By Arun Kumar (PowercutIN) May 30, 2010 
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