Business Planning and Budgeting Advice

Because business planning is such an integral part of business management, we’ve dedicated a special area for planning topics on Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel.
In this area, we’ll cover all the different means you can use to write a business plan, whether the plan is for a new startup or an existing business. Our expert writers will also give detailed advice on the different aspects of budget planning and how to prepare charts and exhibits that will increase your chances of getting funding. In addition, we’ll take a look at software products like Business Plan Pro and other tools that can help make the planning process go a little easier.

The Small Business Marketing Plan Format

Having understood the main components of a business plan in Part 1, the next questions to be addressed are what product-service mix will the venture get into and how will the business generate revenues and profits? Answers to these questions can be found in the business model and the marketing plan.

How Do You Write a Business Plan?

One can find a plethora of articles on the Internet and in print media about how to write a business plan. However, this article tells you how writing a business plan is as simple as putting down on paper, what you have already visualized in your mind.

Writing a Website Business Plan

Web 2.0 is here and the competition is heating up. Now more than ever it’s essential to have agood business plan to keep you and your site on the road to success. Here I show you how to formulate such a plan for success.