Business Planning and Budgeting Advice

Because business planning is such an integral part of business management, we’ve dedicated a special area for planning topics on Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel.
In this area, we’ll cover all the different means you can use to write a business plan, whether the plan is for a new startup or an existing business. Our expert writers will also give detailed advice on the different aspects of budget planning and how to prepare charts and exhibits that will increase your chances of getting funding. In addition, we’ll take a look at software products like Business Plan Pro and other tools that can help make the planning process go a little easier.

Free Planning Guide for Business Partnerships

So, you finally found a partner for that great business idea! Whether the partner is someone you know or just an investor, what things should you find out before signing that partnership agreement? Business owner Jean Scheid offers a checklist for every entrepreneur considering a partnership.

The Business Plan Basics You Need to Know

What are the steps in creating an effective business plan? How long should your business plan be? Do you need to research the competition in your area? Learn about the answers to these questions, where the marketing plan comes into your business plan creation, and basic business plan tips.

Top 10 Advantages of Forecasting in Business

Business forecasting takes a lot of time and effort; however, it is definitely worth it. These 10 reasons will show you the advantages of forecasting in business and why you should take the time to implement great forecasting tools.

Free Examples of Auto Body Shop Floor Plans

If that dream of owning your own body shop is coming true, one of the things you’ll need to develop is your auto body shop floor plan. Along with laying out the shop for ultimate production, a floor plan is great to include in your business plan.

Top 3 Small Business VoIP Plans – Why VoIP?

Are you tired of having a phone bill and an Internet provider bill? Why not combine the two for your small business? VoIP is a great solution for combining telephones and the Internet. Learn the 3 top small business VoIP plans and how to choose the right one for your business.

Explaining What a Vision Statement Does for a Company

Companies should understand the importance of a vision statement for the current health and future direction of the company. While a business plan and a mission statement provide a firm foundation and cohesive structure for a company, a vision statement sets the course for its long-term success.

Reasons Mission Statements Don’t Work

We’ve all read them and wept… mission statements that don’t work. What does this company do? Why are these people in business? Read on to learn more about where mission statements go wrong, and what steps you can take to ensure your mission statement doesn’t fall into the same trap.