Business Planning and Budgeting Advice

Because business planning is such an integral part of business management, we’ve dedicated a special area for planning topics on Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel.
In this area, we’ll cover all the different means you can use to write a business plan, whether the plan is for a new startup or an existing business. Our expert writers will also give detailed advice on the different aspects of budget planning and how to prepare charts and exhibits that will increase your chances of getting funding. In addition, we’ll take a look at software products like Business Plan Pro and other tools that can help make the planning process go a little easier.

How to Create a Business Plan to Compete With Giants

The secret to a small business with the aims of dominating an industry are apparent when observing some of start ups that have gone on to revolutionize markets and profitability. These start ups all have three things in common: a vision, a business plan, and flexibility.

Looking at the Differences Between Forecasting and Budgeting

Both budgeting and forecasting are financial projections. Looking at the differences between forecasting and budgeting, forecasting is broad in scope and part of strategic planning whereas a budget is more specific and detailed, with expenditure heads specifically matched to sources of income.

New Business? How to Check Company Name Availability

Ensuring that the name of your business is free to be used is one of the most important steps a business owner should take. Researching the availability of your business name will save you time, money and frustration, so be sure to have several options available to research.

What Are the Best Ways to Track a Business Budget?

There are various ways to track a business budget from traditional methods such as pen and pencil, to spreadsheets such as Excel or OpenOffice. There is of course traditional accounting software you can use, such as Peachtree. Knowing about these methods may help you pick which is best for you.

Continuity of Operations Planning for Business

When disaster strikes in your business, how prepared are you? Do you have a plan in place that can ensure the business will keep operating? Business continuity plans can be difficult and costly to implement, but if something should happen to disrupt your business, they will be a real life saver.