Business Management

  • Cut These Overheads to Improve the Profitability of Your Business

    Success in business depends on the returns generated vis-a-vis the capital. Profit maximization through price differentials has limited scope in today’s open business environment. Entrepreneurs rather need to pursue business cost reduction ideas...
    By N Nayab August 25, 2011 

  • Need to Print a Pay Stub? Use One of These Free Templates

    Although paycheck stubs primarily benefit employees by providing information about their wages and deductions, they protect the employer as well as they offer proof that employees are paid correctly. Use one of these templates for Microsoft Word and Excel...
    By Tricia Goss August 21, 2011 

  • What Is Your Business Net Worth?

    The American dream of having your business can quickly become a nightmare if you lack the cash flow to invest in sustaining it until it turns a profit.
    By Rose Smith August 20, 2011 

  • Should You Host Your Business Blog on a Different Domain?

    Company blogs are no longer a commodity. Businesses large and small are taking to the virtual airwaves by starting their own company weblogs. But is blogging a good fit for you? Find out your options for starting a blog, and what things you need to...
    By Mary Rajotte August 16, 2011 

  • 10 Tips for a Better Business Trip

    As countless businesses seek out ways to keep their costs low in an attempt to ride out the economic turbulence, the cost of business travel has only gone up. Where business travel cannot be avoided, here are ten simple, relatively inexpensive tips to...
    By SusieBrown August 15, 2011 

  • Take Your Business Trip AND Have Fun Too!

    Do you want to do some personal sightseeing while on a business trip? There are ways to do this without incurring a lot of extra expenses. If you are not sure how, it is important that you do some research before you go and you have come to the right...
    By Sharon Katzman August 15, 2011 

  • Plan Your Business Strategy with ADL Matrix

    Business strategies need to be reconfigured when the competitive position of the business changes or when the industry moves from one stage of its life cycle to another. And that is where an ADL strategy planning matrix proves to be of great help!...
    By Sidharth Thakur August 13, 2011 

  • Without Insurance, Losing a Business Partner Could Destroy Your Business

    Insuring a business partner is much like insuring the company itself, because the loss of a partner could put you out of business.
    By Finn Orfano August 11, 2011 

  • Technology Is Shaping the Entrepreneurial Future

    As technology has improved, younger generations are considering entrepreneurship as a career path. The future of entrepreneurship seems to improve both as younger people get more involved in technological advances and as the Internet offers more options...
    By Finn Orfano August 9, 2011 

  • Preserve Those Profits! - Stop Your Business Partner From Overspending

    If you are starting your own business, or you already run your own business, knowing a few tips to prevent your business partner from spending too much can mean the difference between the survival or the fall of your business.
    By Mitty Chang August 8, 2011 
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