Business Management

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Whether you’re looking for information on e-commerce or how to maintain a successful business during a recession, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll also cover such topics as inventory control and running a family business as well as give tips for starting various types of businesses.

Company Roles in Promoting Innovation

Are innovation and creative thinking part of your company’s culture? How good is your company at promoting innovation within the workforce? Innovative companies have a tendency to attract like-minded employees who create over time a powerful workforce and culture that can impact entire industries.

Margin vs. Markup: Explaining the Difference

Business owners need to be very aware of their bottom line. This means understanding the differences in what they pay for an item, what the item is sold for and what their end profit will be. While these calculations may get rather complicated, this is a necessary function of ensuring profitability.

Combating the Multilevel Marketing Stigma

The widespread popularity notwithstanding, multi-level marketing (MLM) companies have been a frequent subject of criticism, frequently receive lawsuits, and have a stigma associated with them; often with good reason. Combating multilevel marketing stigma requires avoiding such reasons.

Best Places to Open a Business Checking Account Online

When you own a business, it is best to open a business checking account online to organize your business activities and your finances. Many business owners miss out on the benefits of online services that the banks offer. Keeping track of daily transactions becomes easy as well.

Easy Tips for Planning an Evening Business Mixer

Whether you are introducing new products or hosting prospective clients, an evening business get together is a great way to bring business professionals together. Here are some tips for planning an event that will not only benefit your guests but your business as well.