Business Management

Thanks for checking out the Business Management topic on Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel. In this area, you’ll find articles dedicated to all aspects of business management, especially those geared to new business owners and budding entrepreneurs.
Whether you’re looking for information on e-commerce or how to maintain a successful business during a recession, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll also cover such topics as inventory control and running a family business as well as give tips for starting various types of businesses.

How to Run a Successful Second Hand Store

People spotting a second hand store often ask how such a store can succeed. As a former shop owner and manager of used goods shops I can tell you it is possible. Every rule regarding retail business applies and here, I’ll tell you how to run a successful second hand store.

Small Business Ethics

Every entrepreneur should be concerned with small business ethics. While the trickle-down theory of economics may be debunked, ethics do have a trickle-down effect. If the top brass displays good ethics then it will have a positive effect on the entire organization.

How To Manage a Family Business

Managing a family business brings with it an all new set of problems that must be resolved. These problems are tough and demanding of the family unit This article gives the reader practical advice from an experienced author about how to overcome these problems and effectively run a family business.

Entrepreneurship and Business Management for the Future

As technology has improved, younger generations are considering entrepreneurship as a career path. The future of entrepreneurship seems to improve both as younger people get more involved in technological advances and as the Internet offers more options for business management opportunities.

Is It Better to Lease or Buy Business Equipment?

Should I buy business equipment or lease it? After becoming an entrepreneur, this may be your second step, but it is your primary need. Go through this article to get a clear idea about buying and leasing equipment and which one is good for your venture.