Business Management

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Whether you’re looking for information on e-commerce or how to maintain a successful business during a recession, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll also cover such topics as inventory control and running a family business as well as give tips for starting various types of businesses.

How to Fire an Employee

Firing an employees can be difficult with lot of legal, sociological, and psychological aspects. Learn some of the key elements involved when firing, terminating, or laying off an employee.

Green Business Management – Tips and Ideas

The benefits of green business management include reducing business expenses. Increasing customer awareness about the environment helps increase and retain customers, thereby increasing your profits. The article takes a look at these and more benefits of green business.

Negotiation Tips for the Small Business Owner

While the art of negotiation seems to come naturally for some people, the rest of us need a little more help with the process. Learn key negotiating techniques that will prepare small business owners to confidently handle confrontations successfully.

How to Document Employee Warnings

Most business owners have employees. As an entrepreneur, you need to know about difficult employees and why you need to document warnings. Failing to do this correctly can make it cumbersome to terminate hard to deal with employees,

The Pros and Cons of a Family Business

Allowing family members to become part of your business, whether they are co-owners or employees can often be difficult. Jean Scheid looks at the pros and cons of having family members be a part of your business.

5 Important Leadership Traits: Do You Have Them?

Are you a leader? In order to be viewed as a leader, you must exhibit the personality traits and characteristics that people associate with leadership. Take a look at this list of 5 important leadership traits and be honest with yourself about how you rate!