Business Management

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Is Your Customer Service Human Enough?

It seems like displaying humanity should come easily to your business. After all, those desks in your office are filled with people — not robots. They should be all the tools you need to show your customers your human side, right? Not so in today’s world. Is technology masking your humanity?

Overcome B2B Challenges in Innovation

In the competitive business world, innovation is an essential survival factor. While this strategy is commonplace in the B2C sphere, many B2B businesses are still struggling to catch up with this trend. Here some ways to overcome your biggest challenges.

How Business Can Respond to Unpaid Invoices

As a business owner, prioritizing efforts and trying to juggle it all may have caused an unpaid invoice to slide by a time or two. It’s a sad fact that people take advantage of small businesses; more often than not, the reason they neglect to pay is because they think they can get away with it.

Expanding Your Hobby Into a Business: Is It a Good Idea?

While there are perks in turning your hobby into a business, it’s not a surefire way to success. Much like thinking a vacation spot would be the perfect place to live, the reality is often different. To achieve any degree of success, you have to throw that “hobby” label out – it’s time to work!

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Running a Home-Based Business

Success comes easily to a lucky few. The rest of us need to work for it. And, reaching your goals is not a Herculean task. Be clear on your goals (one goal at a time). Know how to reach goals and what to do once you reach them. For entrepreneurs, reaching a goal means setting up another.