Becoming an Entrepreneur

The Becoming an Entrepreneur topic area on Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel is dedicated to providing insight and advice on what it takes to become successful in the real world. While it is true that there are a few ideas that are so great that they sell themselves, most of us need a little help moving our vision further along the path from “idea” to reality.
Our talented writers and experts will share their knowledge on a wide variety of topics, including analyzing the skills of successful entrepreneurs, looking at the reasons many entrepreneurs fail, and exposing some of the myths associated with entrepreneurship. While most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that enthusiasm and hard work are the real keys to success, there are also some tips that can help you get moving along a little faster and learn from the mistakes that others have made.

A Look Inside the History of Entrepreneurship

Though it’s a business management concept, Entrepreneurship can be best understood in terms of languages used in history. Believe me, you would find it more interesting to read about entrepreneurship and the whole story behind it. It is a point where motivation, innovation and money intersect.

Why Good Business Planning is Essential

Good business planning strategies take more than simply writing up a business plan, although this is a big part of it. But why is good business planning essential? What happens if you plan poorly, or not at all? Find out here effective business planning strategies and tips.

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

A social entrepreneur is a change agent who works with missionary zeal to create and sustain social values. He/she strives to achieve specific goals for social betterment. Read on to learn the definition of social entrepreneurship.

Why Entrepreneurs Fail: Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid

When starting a new business, everyone is going to make mistakes at some point. But there are several mistakes that can be avoided just by learning from the problems others have encountered. Here, we’ll take a look at the top three reasons entrepreneurs fail and how to avoid these mistakes.

How Can I Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

A successful entrepreneur has to be passionate about his/her business, imaginatively conceive and unfailingly execute plans, be willing to adopt emerging technologies and when the time comes, lead from the front.