Becoming an Entrepreneur

The Becoming an Entrepreneur topic area on Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel is dedicated to providing insight and advice on what it takes to become successful in the real world. While it is true that there are a few ideas that are so great that they sell themselves, most of us need a little help moving our vision further along the path from “idea” to reality.
Our talented writers and experts will share their knowledge on a wide variety of topics, including analyzing the skills of successful entrepreneurs, looking at the reasons many entrepreneurs fail, and exposing some of the myths associated with entrepreneurship. While most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that enthusiasm and hard work are the real keys to success, there are also some tips that can help you get moving along a little faster and learn from the mistakes that others have made.

Protect Your Ideas for New Inventions

It’s great to be filled with ideas. It’s even greater to legally register and protect your ideas so you are able to be paid for your intellectual property. What are the steps that one needs to take after coming up with an idea for a new product or invention? Learn what you need to do and why.

Entrepreneurship vs Salaried Worker

Are you thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? What would it take to leave your salaried position? What are the pros and cons, and what should you be considering? Like any important career decision, there is much to think about before making a final decision. Here are a few key tips to ponder.

10 Crazy Business Ideas That Wowed Millions

Have you thought of some idea to start up your own business, but you sidelined it because it sounded crazy? Just read through the success stories of these ten crazy ideas that transformed into real successful businesses and you might want to reconsider your business idea.

Top 5 Internet Business Scams to Avoid

The desire to own a business is fierce for some wannabe entrepreneurs. With access to the World Wide Web, startup Internet businesses look very attractive. Before you jump in, Jean Scheid offers up five Internet business scams to avoid.

Great Dog Gift Basket Business Ideas

Looking for creative ideas for your dog gift basket business? Should you pack them chock full of edible treats or ones that squeak? What price points should you shoot for? There are many ideas for a successful dog gift basket business that will have your customers begging for more.