Becoming an Entrepreneur

The Becoming an Entrepreneur topic area on Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel is dedicated to providing insight and advice on what it takes to become successful in the real world. While it is true that there are a few ideas that are so great that they sell themselves, most of us need a little help moving our vision further along the path from “idea” to reality.
Our talented writers and experts will share their knowledge on a wide variety of topics, including analyzing the skills of successful entrepreneurs, looking at the reasons many entrepreneurs fail, and exposing some of the myths associated with entrepreneurship. While most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that enthusiasm and hard work are the real keys to success, there are also some tips that can help you get moving along a little faster and learn from the mistakes that others have made.

Why the Gig Economy Will Bring More Equality

Seldom, if ever, is the Industrial Revolution framed as a labor revolution. Yet that’s undeniably what it was. Is it any coincidence that the dawning industrial revolution — fed by the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and the like — is stealing the limelight from the spread of contingent work?

Creative Ways to Sell Your Artwork Locally

If you paint, sculpt, take photographs or make any other physical form of art, I’m sure you love what you do, but you also deserve to get paid. Not enough artists make a living doing what they do. No one’s going to change that for you than you, however. Time to change your own life.

Selling Garage Sale Finds: Tips for Making Extra Cash

Are you looking for a way to make extra money in your spare time? Who isn’t? If you like cruising garage sales and have an eye for value, you could turn your coins into folding money. It’s not a career, but with some research, legwork and luck it can make a nice paying hobby. Is it for you?

Start a Freelance Writing Career as a Student

Look online and you will see lots of pictures and videos, but mostly words. Heaps and piles of words. You know what? Someone was paid to write most of them. Why not you? You are already an expert on a few topics. Can you enlighten someone on science, literature, technology or whatever you’re studyin

Four Simple Tips to Starting an Online Business: E-Commerce 101

Most people are aware of the e-commerce craze in the business world. The Internet has reinvigorated entrepreneurs across the globe and even those who may not have in the past taken the risk of starting a business are now diving in. Thinking of trying your hand at an online business? Read these tips!

Entrepreneurial Skills: A Collection of Tips and Advice

When you decide to become an entrepreneur your life changes or at least it should. In order to become a successful entrepreneur it is important that you develop your entrepreneurial skills through education, networking and research. We’ll show you how in this must-bookmark guide.

8 Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs

Are you a risk-taker and a people magnet? Whether you are a budding or seasoned entrepreneur, there are common abilities seen over and again when running a successful business. You will probably easily recognize some of these traits in yourself; and others you may need to work on.

Problems with Business Success Among Entrepreneurs

Underfunding, lack of customers and lack of experience are some of the common problems of business success among entrepreneurs. Those who take the time to address these issues while drafting their business plans will likely find greater success. Understanding how to address these issues is crucial.