How to Write a Business Letter Changing Company Name – Sample Business Name Change Letter

Who Needs to Know?


There are many interested parties to whom you should send this business letter. Your changing company names will affect everyone from shareholders to customers and clients to vendors who supply your business needs. It is appropriate that you send a letter regarding your company’s name change to all of the people and other businesses you contact regularly.

You can create a standard form letter with a general greeting and send it out to all of your contacts, or you can tailor the letter so that it is suited for different groups of people. If you really want to customize your letter, you can perform a mail merge so that each missive includes the recipient’s name, address and a personal salutation.

How Should the Letter Be Sent?

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You might think that sending your business letter changing company name via email is the quickest way to spread the word. There are some drawbacks to using this method, though, that make sending a printed letter a more suitable approach.

For instance, if the email address that you have for a contact is misspelled or no longer valid, you may never know that the person did not receive your letter. Letters sent through the postal mail can be forwarded to new addresses or returned to you if there is a problem.

A printed letter provides a much more personal and professional impression, as well. This is particularly true if it is addressed to the specific recipient as opposed to Current Resident. In addition, you can enclose other printed materials with a printed letter, such as a business card, a flyer or a discount coupon encouraging customers to visit your business in the near future.

You may wish to follow up with an email to ensure your contacts received the letter. If you typically communicate with vendors and other businesses this way, an email supplementing your letter acts as a reminder for them to update your company information in their database or other electronic records, as well.

Business Letter Changing Company Name Example

There are several factors you should include in your business letter. Changing company name alone is not enough. Include your current business name as well. State the date that the change will go into effect, how checks to your company should now be written and any other pertinent details including a new address or change in ownership.

The letter does not need to be lengthy. In fact, a concise letter with just the necessary information will be better received and recalled by your recipients. Following is an example.

Dear Mr. Burton:

As you may have noticed by the letterhead, we have a new name. The business you knew as Import Racing Tuning is becoming Autocross Turbo Specialists. This change will take effect on December 1, 2010.

Aside from our company name, nothing has changed. We still offer the same quality automotive service on which you have come to rely. In fact, why not pay us a visit? Enclosed you will find a loyal customer discount coupon. Call and schedule a service appointment or just drop by. We’d love to see you and show you our new sign!

Thanks for your continued business.


Bill Robinson


Finally, you may wish to purchase or create company letterhead to use temporarily that includes your new business name as well as your former name, such as Diamond Landscaping Architecture, formerly Expert Lawn Architecture. This will help busy clients, customers and vendors remember that you have changed your company name.

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