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Startup Business Ideas in Emergency Preparedness

written by: theMallorys•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 3/9/2010

Earthquakes and other natural disasters have reminded everyone of the need to be prepared. Learn ways to turn that need into a business.

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    Natural disasters have caught too many people off guard, and a startup business idea related to emergency preparedness may be more than a solution to this problem. It may help to save lives. Beyond natural disasters, governments around the world have warned their citizens to prepare for chemical and other attacks by having food, water and medical supplies on hand. Here's how you can help your community, as well as individuals and families worldwide, to be prepared.

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    Sell Emergency Kits

    Photo Courtesy: Danny de Bruyne The first step to preparation that's recommended by all the experts, is to have an emergency kit that contains at least 3 days of supplies. A pre-made kit often includes:

    • Emergency water pouches
    • Meals-ready-to-eat
    • Hand warmers
    • Waterproof matches and emergency candles
    • Basic first aid kit with Ibuprofen
    • AM/FM radio
    • Flashlight

    While someone could buy these supplies separately and assemble their own kit, many people enjoy the convenience of buying a pre-made kit. One startup business idea to pursue is to distribute these kits. Find a manufacturer who already makes emergency preparedness kits, and buy them wholesale. Another option is to have the company "drop-ship" the kits to customers. That means, you'll take the orders online or by telephone, fax or email the information to the company who would then ship it directly to your customers, as if it came from you.

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    Become a Food Storage Consultant

    When there's a devastating disaster, stores close down their doors. Citizens are left to rely on themselves for food, as government and non-profit organizations also face difficulty in reaching everyone in need of aid. One startup business idea that requires little or no initial investment to consider is to become a food storage consultant.

    An emergency kit full of three day's worth of food is a good first step, but it won't be enough. Individuals and families need to work on storing at least a 30 day food supply, because they don't know when help will arrive or when stores will open again. As a food storage consultant, you can help people assess their food needs, advise them on what to store and how to store it, and show them where to buy items.

    Then, they'll need help to learn how to cook long term food storage items. For example, many people don't know how to reconstitute dehydrated food items or how to cook with them. You can also sell related products, such as home food storage shelves for pantries, or distribute emergency food supplies already sold by others, as a reseller.

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    Market a Preparedness Course

    There is a need for education in the area of emergency preparedness. News about others across the world, or in another part of the country, who have suffered from near starvation or lacked basic medical assistance is cause for concern and many people are not sure what to do. A preparedness course is helpful for people who may not have the time to do extensive research and compile their own information. Marketing a preparedness course is an excellent startup business idea that can help. Develop your own, or market one already made by a trusted expert. Written courses aren't your only option. For example, turn a written course into a DVD presentation or record audio lessons on CDs for distribution. One of the best ways to market your preparedness course is to start a blog and online community on emergency preparedness, and promote your course that way.

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    If you're passionate about preparing others to overcome life threatening situations, a startup business idea in the area of emergency preparedness is for you. Explore these ideas and see which might be a good fit.