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Start a Freelance Writing Career as a Student

Look online and you will see lots of pictures and videos, but mostly words. Heaps and piles of words. You know what? Someone was paid to write most of them. Why not you? You are already an expert on a few topics. Can you enlighten someone on science, literature, technology or whatever you’re studyin

Marketing for a New Generation: The Millennials

Each generation brings a renewed, vibrant energy and skills that can be utilized by companies to add a hip edge to their mission. This generation is no different. Millennials, or Gen Y, is a generation fixated on social progress and independence. With these tips, you can market directly to them!

How to Create a Business Plan to Compete With Giants

The secret to a small business with the aims of dominating an industry are apparent when observing some of start ups that have gone on to revolutionize markets and profitability. These start ups all have three things in common: a vision, a business plan, and flexibility.