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Digital Future:  Digital Government

Digital Future: Digital Government

As with businesses, there are opportunities – and necessities – for governments embracing the opportunities that digital technology provides.  Digital government most likely involves digitizing the interfaces of government – at least with other governments, with citizens, with businesses, and with other organizations.  So, it would seem that it is aimed largely at efficiency. However, …

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The Digital Future:  Fintech

The Digital Future: Fintech

The advancement of digital technology is enabling ‘fintech’, or a new breed of financial technology, which represents a major reorganization of the services offered in the financial services industry.  Banks and other financial institutions have long been entrenched as intermediaries between the financial system – financial services offered – and consumers. With fintech, the traditional …

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Why the Gig Economy Will Bring More Equality

Seldom, if ever, is the Industrial Revolution framed as a labor revolution. Yet that’s undeniably what it was. Is it any coincidence that the dawning industrial revolution — fed by the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and the like — is stealing the limelight from the spread of contingent work?

Creative Ways to Sell Your Artwork Locally

If you paint, sculpt, take photographs or make any other physical form of art, I’m sure you love what you do, but you also deserve to get paid. Not enough artists make a living doing what they do. No one’s going to change that for you than you, however. Time to change your own life.

Selling Garage Sale Finds: Tips for Making Extra Cash

Are you looking for a way to make extra money in your spare time? Who isn’t? If you like cruising garage sales and have an eye for value, you could turn your coins into folding money. It’s not a career, but with some research, legwork and luck it can make a nice paying hobby. Is it for you?

7 Business Communication Mistakes to Stop Making

Your office job involves a lot of writing, whether you are responsible for marketing efforts, or simply corresponding with peers and potential clients and customers. Avoid these seven deadly sins in the world of business communication to improve your success.

Is Your Customer Service Human Enough?

It seems like displaying humanity should come easily to your business. After all, those desks in your office are filled with people — not robots. They should be all the tools you need to show your customers your human side, right? Not so in today’s world. Is technology masking your humanity?