Cable, DSL, FiOS, and Dial-Up Connections

Are you wondering which internet connection would be best for your home or office? Discover articles and information about all the different types of internet connections used across the globe. Read tutorials and guides on cable, dial-up, DSL, FiOS, T-1, and other ways to connect to the internet.

VOIP vs Voice for Handheld Phones

The phones we use at home were simple for a long time before the internet came into picture. With the use of internet, technology like VoIP has been introduced to change the way we talk on the phone or mobile and has the ability to completely transform the existing phone system.

WiFi Hotspot Finder

Looking for the top WiFi hotspot finder software? There are a variety of different apps that can assist you in finding the strongest WiFi signals and best locations. Whether you are doing some traveling, or are trying to cop free internet from your neighbor down the street, this article should help.

What is VoIP

One of the newest ways to transmit phone calls is to use the Internet. A technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) makes this possible. It is a family of transmission protocols that will deliver voice communications over IP networks, with the most common being the Internet.

What is WiFi Certification

Wi-Fi certification is an industry standard used to measure and test wireless products for interoperability with other products and to comply with the IEEE standard for 802.11b for the transmission and reception of wireless frequencies.

How to Encrypt an Email

It is possible to send confidential information between parties over the Internet- even through email. This article will explain what encrypting an email is, how to encrypt an email, and what happens after you send the encrypted email.

The History of Broadband Technology

Government restrictions on the Internet partially kept the history of broadband technology stalled until the 1990’s. But as early as 1965, educational institutions such as Dartmouth College experienced the beginnings of high-speed Internet access.