• Tip #6 - Configure Outlook Autosave Settings

    Microsoft Outlook 2007 saves your work every few minutes. You can control the frequency and location of autosave content.
    By Mojave Media Group January 29, 2009 

  • Tip #5 - Making Changes to the Custom Dictionary in Microsoft Outlook 2007

    Outlook 2007 allows users to maintain a list of words to be excluded from spell checking. This list is called a custom dictionary and is easy to use in Outlook.
    By Mojave Media Group January 29, 2009 

  • Viewing Multiple Outlook Calendars: Tip #17

    Sometimes it helps to see events in multiple calendars overlapped. How do you do create multiple Outlook calendars, share them and view them side-by-side?
    By Mojave Media Group January 29, 2009 

  • Removing Cancelled Future Appointments in Microsoft Outlook 2007: Tip #18

    How to delete all future instances of a recurring appointment in the outlook 2007 calendar while preserving historic meetings.
    By Mojave Media Group January 28, 2009 

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 Tip #23 - Attachment Previewing Options

    What attachments can be viewed in Outlook without launching their full, associated application?
    By Mojave Media Group January 2, 2009 

  • A Brief History of IBM Lotus Notes

    Lotus Notes is an application suite that defies easy categorization. This collaborative office program has helped to define how people live, work and communicate in the modern office. It was also a pioneer for internet connectivity, helping to bring users...
    By John Hewitt October 29, 2008 

  • Evolution 2.6 - E-mail Client Keeps Evolving

    Evolution email client offers full features in an open source application. It has been considered one of the most powerful and flexible groupware email clients. Read this review to get our take on this program and how it may be of benefit to you.
    By twhatley October 29, 2008 

  • Review of the KMail 7.1 Email Client

    KMail 1.7 is a Linux email client that is part of the KDE Desktop Environment. In this review, we will take a closer look at KMail to see how it stands up to other email clients.
    By twhatley October 29, 2008 

  • Becky! Internet Mail - Function over Form

    Becky! Internet Mail is an email client that is both powerful and flexible. Even if the program is extremely easy to use there are some things that can be improved. Read this article to see the overall operations of the Becky! Internet Mail client...
    By twhatley October 27, 2008 

  • Review of IncrediMail Xe 5.85

    IncrediMail doesn’t have a lot of productivity features for the business user but it is fun and easy to use. For the casual email users, IncrediMail can be just what you were looking for. Read this review of the email client that combines thrills...
    By twhatley October 26, 2008 
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