Email Tips and Strategies

Email and email-related services are among the most widely used collaborative tools in today’s world. Find out more about how you can use email to become more productive and efficient. Also, learn about the various types of email software available, including popular clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird as well as some lesser known utilities.

CA Anti-Spam 2007 – About as Relevant as Meat in a Can

When putting together an emergency resource kit for your home, you may throw in a package of Spam (the canned meat) just in case you get desperate. But few would have it as a staple in their pantry. Similarly, CA’s Anti-Spam, while functional, probably has little place in your computer’s storage.

CA Anti-Spam 2007 – It Does the Job

CA Anti-Spam 2007 is an easy-to-use spam filter that integrates into Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, or Windows Mail. The program uses your address book as a whitelist to ensure that emails from people you know go to your inbox and other messages are quarantined.