Benefits of Corporate Wikis

Three Employee Benefits

Many companies may benefit from maintaining corporate wikis. Collaborative input on topics internal processes to computer support can provide benefits to employees as well. Here we discuss three significant benefits for employees that participate in corporate wikis. Corporate wikis are internal software-based collaboration tools allowing peers to freely add their knowledge to a dynamic, editable collection of related material. Wikis typically allow users to add, edit and comment on content through a web interface. This differs somewhat from the use of web portals in a corporate environment – details are explained in our document “Wikis Or Portals”.

Benefit #1: Increasing Personal Status in the Company

Employees that contribute relevant content to a shared knowledge space like a wiki gain exposure in the eyes of management. The willingness to share their knowledge with their peers can return greater respect and status. Helpful contributions may reflect positively during performance reviews or internal promotion opportunities.

Benefit #2: Simplifying Work Process

In some positions, there may be a question you are frequently asked or something that you regularly have to look up. These things shared in a wiki will be helpful to yourself and any peers that need the same information from time to time. Best practices, tips and hints learned through experience may not be found in the static manual. The wiki can help make work easier for employees.

Corporate Wikis

Benefit #3: Improving Company Efficiency

Guidance posted to a resource like a corporate wiki is reusable. If a fellow worker poses a question in person, in an e-mail or in an instant message, it is answered and gone. Adding the question and answer to the corporate wiki becomes reusable content that may serve as the answer to the same question in the future. Management may also find some insight through the wiki that could be applied to improve company policy or procedure.

Overall, if your company offers a wiki as a collaboration tool, there are sound benefits to be realized from your participation.