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Quiz Yourself on Historical Collaborative Efforts

written by: Rebecca Scudder•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 10/31/2011

Collaborations have had an impact on history that would not have happened without joint efforts. Collaborations take place on many levels - between multiple people, companies, countries - and the world. What do you know about these historical collaborations? Take our quick quiz and see.

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    The Sum Is Greater Than the Parts

    Project Gutenberg logo Collaborations can create more than the sum of their parts. Different contributions can create a synergy that can make or accomplish a Titanic structure by DFoerster on Wikipedia Commons result that none of the parts could individually – and often far quicker and far better than an individual. And sometimes there is no way an individual entity could accomplish the project or goal, or make the discovery.

    In this quick quiz you can collaborate with Bright Hub to test yourself.

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    Find Your Collaboration Quotient


  • Project Gutenberg
  • image Titanic Structure by DFoerster on Wikipedia Commons CC-SA

    image Project Gutenberg logo from screenshot of Project Gutenberg Home page by Author on 10/30/2011

    image Teheran Conference - the Big Three - Library of Congress

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Transcontinental railroad
  • Apple founder history
  • Wikipedia
  • Jules Verne
  • Titanic
  • Watson & Crick on DNA
  • WWW
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