Work-Family Balance

  • 10 Fresh New Tips and Resources for Managing Work-Life Balance

    Think you don't have time for a family dinner? Guess again! Read some established concepts for managing work-life balance as well as new tips, resources and perspectives. See which tools will enhance the quality of your life.
    By Marjory Pilley June 15, 2011 

  • Finding Free Help: Tips for Single Working Moms & Dads

    Although free help for single working parents may seem hard to come by, there are a number of resources to look into if you need childcare assistance. Whether you're putting in overtime at the office, seeking companies with daycare on-site, or working...
    By M. J. Abernathy June 1, 2011 

  • 5 Great Books for Coping with Work-Related Stress

    Workplace stress is a common problem that everyone in the workforce faces. The key to overcoming work-related stress is to involve companies and workers. Companies can institute policies while workers can empower themselves by learning about books on...
    By Allyson Heath May 27, 2011 

  • 5 Easy Menu Ideas for Working Moms

    Cooking when you work full time can be difficult. There's a misconception that making food at home has to take a long time (or that fast food is the best option). Find five easy menu ideas for working moms in this helpful Bright Hub article...
    By Ronda Bowen May 26, 2011 

  • Stress Management Tips for Working Parents

    Stress management is important for most professionals and others who lead a busy lifestyle, and more so for working parents who have to balance their work and life responsibilities. Read on for top stress management tips for working parents.
    By N Nayab May 19, 2011 

  • How Stress Affects Attitudes at Work

    How does stress affect attitudes and behavior in work settings? The modern workplace demands more productivity for less wages, forcing many to work in unfavorable conditions to support their families. Here we look at how stress affects attitudes at...
    By Bruce Tyson May 19, 2011 

  • Nanny Tax Info in Plain Language

    Concise nanny tax info does away with much of the myth and misunderstanding surrounding this line item in a parent’s budget. Find out how much to withhold, whom to pay, what to file and which withholdings are optional.
    By Sylvia Cochran April 22, 2011 

  • Work-Life Balance: Dealing with Children

    We often hear about work life balance--dealing with children would be the first thing that comes to mind as we are confronted with this issue. Balancing acts are usually performed well, if feet are planted firmly on the ground. Is work life balance possible...
    By ciel s cantoria March 17, 2011 

  • Work-Life Balance Research Studies: What Do They Show?

    Work life balance refers to the balance between an individual’s work commitment and personal life. The concept has gained much importance in recent years as competitive pressures force people to put in more effort at work. Read on for an overview...
    By N Nayab March 5, 2011 

  • Quick & Easy House Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms

    Creating a house cleaning schedule for working moms can be a daunting task. You need to come up with a plan and stick to it. Here are some tips to get you started.
    By theMallorys February 9, 2011 
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