Work-Family Balance

Get tips on balancing work and family with Bright Hub’s expert articles, guides and time management techniques. In order to be successful at work and spend quality time with family, stress management is a necessity. Get tips on managing your time and stress at work and not letting work time impede on family time. Also find lists of the best companies to work for with great family benefits as well as advice on relocation, going to school and work at the same time and other tips!

What Can TV Show Workaholics Teach Us?

It’s Sunday morning. The family is at the beach. The sun is out. The coffee has been brewed, and you are in your office. While this sort of behavior is fine once in a while, if your life resembles that of some of the TV show workaholics I will discuss, you might want to rethink your life’s balance.

10 Types of Jobs With Flexible Work Schedules

Having a steady job with a set paycheck may not be enough in these economic times. Looking for work in a different field to supplement income or to make a complete lifestyle change? Some options include online jobs and jobs in sales that only require a computer with Internet connection and a phone.