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Get hints, tips and practical advice on searching for a new job. Our Bright Hub guides lead you through preparing a resume from scratch as well as updating an old resume. Learn the best places to find jobs, whether through online sources and websites, print, or networking. We also offer guides on how to research a company you’d like to work for and make cold calls or send in letters of inquiry. Ok, so you’ve finally landed an interview! We also provide articles and tips on prepping for interviews, including what you should wear, rehearsing answers to common interview questions and sending follow-up thank you notes. After landing a job don’t be afraid to negotiate the job offer, salary and benefits – Bright Hub shows you how with expert tips. All this and more including responding to head hunters, how to turn down a job, how to find a better job and other job hunting secrets!

Resume Sins: What to Avoid on Your Resume

Some people do very good things when they’re putting their resumes together. Other people make mistakes that are just bad, and sometimes we do things that are downright ugly! If you want to dazzle people like the Man With No Name, then get out your word processor and fire off an effective resume.

Great Twitter Resources for Job Seekers

Ever want to know how other people find jobs that you cannot find? A lot of hiring managers, job recruiters and decision makers are turning to Twitter and other social media sites to find employees. There are many great resources on Twitter that a job seeker can use when looking for employment.

Quick Quiz: Are Your Interview Skills the Best They Can Be?

Preparing for a job interview involves learning about the company to find out its history, market share and strategic goals. Learn how to develop the skills necessary to converse effectively with an interviewer to convey your experience. Take this quiz to see if you have what it takes.