Losing or Quitting a Job

Transitions are never easy, especially when it comes to job loss or leaving a job. Bright Hub is here to make your job transition smoother with articles, tips and info on leaving your job. Find tips on surviving a job loss, whether you were fired, or got let go due to downsizing. Get back on your feet after losing your job by learning what unemployment benefits are due to you and how to cope with being unemployed. Also find guides and tips on how to quit your job, whether you’re leaving for personal reasons, another job, or because you just can’t stand your boss!

Classy Farewell Letters to Coworkers

Building bridges with a classy farewell letter is the way to go. Burning bridges with negative, sloppy, or uninformative letters is not advised. Composing an elegant business letter is a valuable skill, and a farewell letter is also an important test of character.

If I Quit My Job, Can I Still Get COBRA?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) was intended to help people who separate from their employers keep their health insurance. Although former employees must pay the entire cost for their coverage, COBRA has helped many families stay insured in between jobs.