Losing or Quitting a Job

Transitions are never easy, especially when it comes to job loss or leaving a job. Bright Hub is here to make your job transition smoother with articles, tips and info on leaving your job. Find tips on surviving a job loss, whether you were fired, or got let go due to downsizing. Get back on your feet after losing your job by learning what unemployment benefits are due to you and how to cope with being unemployed. Also find guides and tips on how to quit your job, whether you’re leaving for personal reasons, another job, or because you just can’t stand your boss!

Can You Rescind a Letter of Resignation?

Once you handed in the letter informing your boss that you planned to quit, he groveled and ultimately convinced you to stay. Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly how it went, but you do wish to let your employer know that you changed your mind about resigning. Is there anything you can do?

How to Quit a Job Without Saying Why

Although the accepted convention is to inform the employer regarding the reason for quitting a job, disclosing the reason is not a mandatory requirement, and at times disclosing the real reason may not be appropriate. Read on for ways on how to quit a job without saying why.

10 Layoff Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Even if you are the best at what you do, you can still be vulnerable to company layoffs. Being the best at your position in the office isn’t an automatic ticket to spare you from an impending layoff. What to do to be alert at all times? Here are ten layoff warning signs.