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Preparing for an Interview: Questions Asked for Accounts Payable Positions

written by: theMallorys•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 11/2/2010

Knowing some common questions asked for an accounts payable clerk position can help you walk into the interview with confidence. Expect to be asked about conflict resolution methods and software skills and a few key other things.

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    Be Positive in Your Interview Before you walk into an interview, think about how you’ll answer the interview questions for an accounts payable clerk position. You can practice the answers on your own, but a better option is to ask a spouse, friend or family member to ask the questions and to evaluate your answers. Here are common questions you can expect in a job interview.

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    1. How Do You Approve Invoices?

    The purpose of most of the interview questions for an accounts payable clerk is for employers and recruiters to determine that you understand how to manage the invoice process well. One major aspect of invoice management is the income verification and approval process. When you’re asked this question, outline steps that are orderly and detailed to impress the recruiter.

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    2. How Have You Resolved Invoice Disputes?

    The recruiter wants to gage your temperament as well as your conflict resolution skills with this question. You should give an answer that communicates the fact that you’re a leader and competent to resolve conflicts. Give a specific example and show how you were able to analyze the problem and choose the appropriate way to deal with it.

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    3. Which Accounting Software Do You Have Experience With?

    A company is going to train you, and that might include any software that was customized for their company. You shouldn’t worry about knowing every software application that’s out there. Be honest about what you have experience with and highlight the fact that you’re a quick learner. If you taught yourself how to use software, mention that as well so that the recruiter is confident that you’re not intimidated by new software applications.

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    4. How Many Invoices Can You Process on a Weekly Basis?

    It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll get this as one the interview questions for an accounts payable clerk position. You shouldn’t blink when you give an answer to this one. It helps if you can back up your number with solid examples from current or former employment. Give a range instead of a single number, because that will appear more reasonable. You should also mention the average amount of invoices you can process each month.

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    5. What Makes You a Good Accounts Payable Clerk?

    Focus your answer on the qualities of a good accounts payable clerk, and then explain that you possess those qualities. Some of the qualities you should mention include detailed oriented, well organized, timely, diligent, and a leader. You can also provide an anecdote from your work experience that demonstrates some of those qualities.

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    6. What Are Your Long Term Career Goals?

    Most recruiters ask this on job interviews no matter what the position is, and you should be prepared to answer it as clearly as you can. The best answer will show your interest in growing into the position as clerk and then moving “upward" to a related position. It would seem odd to mention your aspirations of becoming a registered nurse or some other related field, because employers prefer to train someone who plans to be around for a long time.

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    You don’t have to walk into any interview cold. Prepare ahead of time with these common interview questions for an accounts payable clerk position and the interview process will flow smoothly.