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A Guide to Computer Drafting and Design Careers

written by: tesewell•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 9/1/2010

Computer drafting and design careers offer individuals many career options. Some options are in the architectural, mechanical, civil, and electric field and each must obtain some knowledge of CADD software.

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    Interested in Drafting & Design?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the need for employees in computer drafting and design careers is expected to increase 4% from 2008 to 2018. Computer drafting and design careers go hand-in-hand. Computer drafting, also referred to as computer aided drafting and design (CADD), allows professionals to use computer systems and software to design many products that consumers use such as buildings and appliances.

    The advantage to using the computer drafting and design software is that the creations are saved so the drafters can return to them later and make needed changes. Although the days of using rules, pencils and paper are not gone, it’s important for individuals to know computer drafting to be successful in design careers they choose. Computer drafting and design choices are extremely diverse and best for people with at least two years of education in a technical drafting program, according to EduChoices.

    work stn Architectural Computer Drafting & Design

    Architectural drafters are highly trained professionals responsible for creating plans for different types of structural buildings such as houses, schools, and malls. They meet with other professionals such as architects to take notes, understand the specific duties and draw rough sketches. Then the drafters use the computer drafting and design software to develop the detailed blueprints that includes measurements and specifications. These blueprints are used in the construction of architectural structures.

    Mechanical Computer Drafting & Design

    Mechanical computer drafter and design professionals focus on creating detailed layouts of mechanical devices such as screws, automobile parts, and tools. Their goal is to provide detailed descriptions and instructions on how to assemble mechanical devices and machinery. The mechanical drafters use computer drafting design software to create and modify the layouts.

    Electrical Drafting & Design

    Electrical drafters are computer drafting and design professionals who specialize in making blueprints that are used to install, build or repair electrical equipment. Typically, the electrical designs include electrical wiring in buildings, power plants, and communication centers. Also, the electrical drafters conduct research on the specific wiring or products that will be used for the projects. Then drafters start by hand drawing sketches then using the CADD software to create the layouts. Also, they ensure that other professionals such as electricians have the detailed instructions to do their jobs.

    Civil Computer Drafting & Design

    Individuals working as civil drafters are trained in drawing topographical and relief maps that are used by professionals such as construction workers, surveyors, and engineers. Usually, the drafters work on drawings of highways, pipelines, bridges, and water sewage systems. Before working on projects, the civil drafters decide the strength, cost, and quality of the materials that are used. Then they use computer drafting and design software to create the drawings.

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