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Creating the Best Looking, Most Effective Engineering Resume

written by: Erik Hinrichsen•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 3/12/2015

Whether you're a recent graduate or a veteran engineer looking to change jobs, this article is for you. The article contains sample resumes for entry-level and experienced civil engineers. It also provides advice on topics such as resume length and font choice.

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    Example -- Entry Level Engineer

    This section contains an example of a resume for a recently graduated civil engineer. A recent graduate is not expected to have many Ready to Graduate? years of experience, so it is often expected that education will be listed first. Assuming your GPA is above 3.0, it should be listed on the resume. If it is lower than 3.0, you may try listing your major GPA if it is higher, or just leaving the number off altogether. If you do list your major GPA, make sure to specify as such, since you don't want to mislead employers.

    Recent graduates should strive to keep the length of their resumes to about one page in length. If the resume is too long, you can try bringing out the margins or using a slightly smaller font. However, margins should not be less than .5" and font no smaller than 11. On the subject of fonts, a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial is best. Avoid non-standard fonts, as employers' computers may not support the fonts.

    Clubs and sport teams are great additions to an entry-level resume, even if they aren't engineering-specific. Make sure to list any leadership experience you have, as employers often seek out leaders. For example, if you were the president of a club or a team captain, make a bullet point under the activity.

    Finally, list all relevant experience. If you haven't had any prior internships, it's fine to list summer jobs. Don't spend too much time on these, however, because engineering firms aren't likely to care about your pizza delivering expertise.


    John Doe

    430 Main Street New York, NY


    SUMMARY: Highly-motivated recent graduate with skills in CAD and computer programming seeking full-time engineering position


    New Jersey University

    Dates attended: August 2007 – May 2011

    Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

    GPA: 3.32

    Advanced Engineering Coursework

    Mechanical Behavior of Composites..................Modeling, Simulation, and Control

    Heat Transfer.................................................... Structural Dynamics and Vibration

    Machine Elements..............................................Thermal Systems Design

    Computational Structural Mechanics...................Fluid Mechanics


    Mechanical Engineer Intern – Generic Engineering Co. May – August 2010

    • Interpreted and created engineering drawings using AutoCAD
    • Applied engineering techniques to wastewater system design

    Senior Design ProjectFall 2010

    • Designed a suspension bridge and conducted FEA using ANSYS
    • Awarded first prize in end-of-course competition


    CAD: Skilled with Solidworks and SolidEdge. Experience with AutoCAD and ANSYS

    Software known: Skilled Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word, and Powerpoint, as well as Matlab.

    Language: Proficient in English and German (written and oral)


    Engineers Without Borders -- Campus branch treasurer

    NCAA Track and Field -- Four year varsity athlete


    Dean's List honoree

    (Here is where you can indicate summa or magna graduation, special awards or scholarship, and outstanding achievements)

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    Example -- Experienced Engineer

    The design of a resume for an experienced civil engineer follows similar rules as that of an entry level engineer. The focus of the experienced engineer's resume is different, however: education is minimized and work experience takes center stage. Experienced engineers may also extend their resumes past one page as long as the added length allows them to convey important information. A typical resume for an experienced professional is about two pages long.

    Licenses are especially important for civil engineers. If you are a Professional Engineer (PE) or Engineer in Training (EIT) make sure to list that on your resume. Many jobs for civil engineers require a PE or EIT, so it's important that employers know if you hold a license.

    Although the jobs listed on this resume example have just a few bullet points each, list as many accomplishments as you find necessary. Whenever possible, try to use action verbs and list a numerical value for your accomplishment. For example, rather than indicating that you've managed projects, it is better to be specific:

    • Managed projects generating $50 million in revenue for firm

    Sample Experienced Civil Engineer Resume

    John Doe, PE

    430 Main Street New York, NY


    SUMMARY: Experienced Civil Engineer with Professional Engineering license with experience in wastewater treatment system design

    seeking challenging position with managerial responsibilities


    Waste Systems Engineering Manager -- Wastewater Design, Inc. 2005 - Present

      • Responsible for design of systems ranging in value from $200,000 to $2,000,000
      • Managed team of 5 engineers and trained new hires
      • Conducted field assessments of job sites

    Civil Engineer -- Cubit Engineers 2000 - 2005

      • Conducted technical analysis of soil samples and hydrological data for use by engineering team
      • Developed system designs according to customer specifications
      • Acted as supervisor on-site for construction

    Junior Civil Engineer -- New York Public Works Department 1997 - 2000

      • Carried out site inspections and performed field surveying
      • Prepared engineering reports
      • Supervised construction projects for the city of New York


    • Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access
    • AutoCAD, Solid Works, Revit
    • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel)
    • ANSYS, Abaqus/CAE


    New York State University

    Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

    Class of 1997

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    These sample resumes should give you a good idea of how to design your personal resume. Of course, as with any document many different styles exist, and some people prefer different design types. If you have another resume style you prefer, please feel free to comment below this article.

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