Reviewing PDF Converter Professional 4: A Complete PDF Editor

Nuance’s PDF Converter Professional 4 lets you create, convert, and edit PDF files. Create PDF files from Word, WordPerfect, Excel, and PowerPoint. Convert PDF files to Word, WordPerfect, Excel, and RTF format. Edit PDF files and add effects. All at a price that is much less than the competition.

Final Draft 7 Review: Write Scripts like a Pro

Final Draft 7 is an excellent tool for both aspiring scriptwriters and experts. It lets you concentrate on your writing, whether for movies, television, or stage, and not lose your focus having to deal with formatting. Final Draft also provides tools and guidance to make your script more effective.

CA Anti-Spam 2007 – About as Relevant as Meat in a Can

When putting together an emergency resource kit for your home, you may throw in a package of Spam (the canned meat) just in case you get desperate. But few would have it as a staple in their pantry. Similarly, CA’s Anti-Spam, while functional, probably has little place in your computer’s storage.

CA Anti-Spam 2007 – It Does the Job

CA Anti-Spam 2007 is an easy-to-use spam filter that integrates into Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, or Windows Mail. The program uses your address book as a whitelist to ensure that emails from people you know go to your inbox and other messages are quarantined.

ThinkFree Office 3 Review: An Excellent Value

ThinkFree Office 3 Show is similar to PowerPoint 2003, producing the same .ppt format file. ThinkFree Office 3 is an amazing value and a good alternative to PowerPoint if you’re on a budget. You can create professional presentations, despite its limitations.