CA Anti-Spam 2007 – About as Relevant as Meat in a Can

When putting together an emergency resource kit for your home, you may throw in a package of Spam (the canned meat) just in case you get desperate. But few would have it as a staple in their pantry. Similarly, CA’s Anti-Spam, while functional, probably has little place in your computer’s storage.

CA Anti-Spam 2007 – It Does the Job

CA Anti-Spam 2007 is an easy-to-use spam filter that integrates into Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, or Windows Mail. The program uses your address book as a whitelist to ensure that emails from people you know go to your inbox and other messages are quarantined.

ThinkFree Office 3 Review: An Excellent Value

ThinkFree Office 3 Show is similar to PowerPoint 2003, producing the same .ppt format file. ThinkFree Office 3 is an amazing value and a good alternative to PowerPoint if you’re on a budget. You can create professional presentations, despite its limitations.