Video Equipment Reviews & Maintenance

A videographer is only as good as his equipment. Learn the proper care and maintenance of your video equipment as well as reviews of tripods, cases, lenses, batteries, lights and more.

Film Production Equipment Guide

Trying to find the best equipment for your movie? Are you having trouble finding the right camera for each shot? The right film production equipment can make the difference for a production.Whether you are a seasoned director or a student filmmaker, this equipment guide will help you.

The Silder vs. Dolly Debate: Which is Right for You?

The dolly has long been seen as the most popular piece of filmmaking equipment when working with moving camera shots. However, a new piece of equipment called a camera slider has popped up as an alternative. How do we compare the difference with dolly and slider, and which is best for you?

Learn How to Build a Jib Crane

You’ve probably admired the jib cranes from afar, wanting one for yourself. But, you know that you can’t afford one. Skip buying the jib and make one yourself. You’ll save tons of money and relish in accomplishing this task yourself.

List of Film to Tape Transfer Equipment

Film to tape transfer equipment consists of a projector, a screen and a video camera. These three items will be enough for you to transfer film images to tape, but you can improve the whole experience by adding other equipment like an audio mixer.

Five Jib Crane Types

Jib crane types range from those mounted on floors to those mounted on walls. Where they are mounted often dictates the amount of rotation they are capable of doing.

How to Make a Green Screen Tutorial

Want to learn how to make a green screen for your next project? It’s really easy and cheap to do. You just need to pick up a few things at your local craft or thrift store, and you’ll be ready to go!