Learn about the IEPA Short Film Festival

About the IEPA Film Festival

The IEPA (International Early Psychosis Association) Short Film Festival is held in Melbourne, Australia, and the film festival focuses on educational films. These films generally focus on the producers and/or filmmakers view on early psychosis research.

The festival was started in 2008, and it is generally held in the fall. However, the festival is dependent upon the date of the conference, and these dates can range from October through to December. The conference usually lasts three days, and it attracts people from around the world.

A panel of judges will select the top 15 films, and these will be shown at the International Conference on Early Psychosis. This conference generally attracts about 500 people each year.

Films vary based on the filmmaker’s interpretation of the subject. Past films have featured testimonials and animations. One even featured an interpretation of the research by a Canadian dance troupe. The goal of all these films is to focus on catching psychiatric disorders early so that they can be treated early.

Accepted Films

All of these films focus on educating the public about these disorders, and they also seek to help outsiders understand the disorder in order to dispel stigmas around these disorders. These films also hope to help those who have just received a diagnosis and are looking for inspiration that they can combat their disorder.

This film festival is only for these types of films. Selected films will be screened at an opening reception at the conference. A few will also be shown online at the IEPA website, and anyone can pull up these films and view them.

Films are generally only from IEPA members or people in the field. You must be invited to have your film shown. You cannot just enter the IEPA Short Film Festival. As the title of the festival suggests, the only accepted films are short films. Short films are generally films that are less than 45 to 60 minutes as opposed to feature films, which are longer.

Other Short Film Festivals

If you do have an educational film on this topic, you can gain exposure in your field by entering the IEPA Short Film Festival. But, if you have short films on other topics, you may be interested in other short film festivals that take place. For example, the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival attracts nearly 15,000 people every year. The festival takes place for a week in July, and it accepts films in the following categories: Creative Commercial, Animation, Documentary, Drama, Experimental, Comedy and Foreign Film.

Another major short film festival is the Manhattan Short Film Festival, which shows films in six continents, including the United States, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Canada, Central America, South America and the Middle East. The festival takes place at the end of September through the beginning of October.

Selected films are shown in movie theaters and similar venues across these countries. Short films are accepted in the following categories: Drama, Comedy, Animation, Experimental and Documentary.