Independent Film Distributors+ List

Are you ready to have your work distributed?

Besides submitting your work into film festivals and networking through online film sites and directories, you may also decide to team up with a distributor to distribute your film. Below is an updated list of a few distribution companies that assist and accept unsolicited material from emerging independent filmmakers (to date). Please visit their website before submitting screeners.

The following list will be updated on a regular basis. If you know of any trusted and acknowledged distributor / distribution company that welcomes independent filmmakers, please write or comment your findings.

Apparition (AKA Unnamed Bob Berney Distribution Venture)

A newly found New York-Based company that distributes around seven indie films a year

IMDB link:

(contact information pending)


Works with artists and even independent filmmakers by getting their work on sale at, both in video-on-demand downloads and hardcopy forms. They do offer additional package plans or options, such as marketing and duplicating DVD services (fees apply). The great thing is that indies still own the rights to their film.;jsessionid=8419EB681B0029F6B488F05323540105.cspworker04

Gravitas Ventures

Focuses on digital outlets such as video-on-demand providers (Netflix, XBOX, iTunes, etc.), satellite and cable providers (Time Warner, Charter, AT&T, etc.) and retail home entertainment (Walmart, Best Buy,, etc.)

Send DVD screener, along with contact information to:

Gravitas Ventures

attn: Acquisitions Dept.

135 Main Street

El Segundo, CA 90245

(screeners will not be returned)

IFC (Independent Film Channel)

The official IFC website. Register and upload your video:

Oscilloscope Laboratories

New distribution company based in New York City. The company focuses on distributing unique films by independent filmmakers.

Passion River

Offers services to distribute and market independent films. Acquisition form for marketing available on website:

For information on getting your film distributed: 732-321-0711 x100

Planet Indie

A 2-page directory list of distribution companies for indie films. A description of what each company distributes is also listed. (A few of the listed companies are no longer in business.)

Showcase Entertainment, Inc.

Distributes all genres through different outlets, and highly considers marketability of product. This company has one of the best reputations known in the film distribution market.

(818) 715-7005 (tel)

(818) 715-7009 (fax)

Stratosphere Entertainment

Small independent film distributor based in New York City. Call and/or send acquisitions to:

767 5th Ave

New York, NY 10153-0108

Phone: (212) 605-1010

IMDB link:

More Information

At first, you may decide to self-distribute your film, and then later decide to acquire a distribution deal. If you’re getting great sales while your self-distributing, and still want a distributor, the track record of sales may be favorable on your behalf. However, before making any deals with any distributor, you may want to hire an entertainment lawyer and/or thoroughly investigate the company and read through all the paper work before signing anything! Also, contact other filmmakers who have worked with the distributor to see if the company is credible and holds up to their promises. Just because a distributor is the first to show interest to your acquisition, doesn’t mean they’re the right distributor for your film. Don’t be afraid to negotiate either, even if it takes longer than a month. Just as they’re trying to get a good deal from you, you are allowed to do the same. Beware of distributors who require upfront fees.

Mark Litwak, a well-known entertainment lawyer, has a page on his website especially for independent filmmakers, known as the “Filmmaker’s Clearinghouse”. This is an updated list surveying results and evaluations based on film distributors and how they deal with filmmakers like you.

Direct link to Filmmaker’s Clearinghouse: